Grand Theft Auto IV – 100% Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to this walkthrough guide to Rockstar’s brilliant game for the X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3 – Grand Theft Auto IV.

Follow the links below in the suggested order to complete the game in the quickest time and finish with 100% complete status, or just use any link to help with a specific mission you’re having trouble with.

Each mission description includes references to nearby side missions like flying rats and unique stunt jumps so you’ll save as much time as possible getting to the 100% completion rating. From outskirt deserts to Vegas Hero casino!

Note that some missions are game-time related, so they may not always be available in the order suggested below. If you find any mission is not available, skip to the next one and come back to it later, or save your game to advance the game time.

Our Guide is categorized by area:

grand theft auto IV guide

Index of All Missions in Grand Theft Auto 4:

Dukes/Broker Area

The Cousins Bellic
It’s Your Call
Random Character: Brian – First Encounter
Three’s a Crowd
Bleed Out
First Date
Easy Fare
Jamaican Heat
Concrete Jungle
Bull in a China Shop
Socialising with Friends
Hung Out to Dry
Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible
Uncle Vlad
Crime and Punishment
Random Character: Brian – Second Encounter
Do You Have Protection?
Little Jacob’s Drug Deliveries
Random Character: Badman
Socialising with Little Jacob
Final Destination
Logging On
Exotic Exports
Random Character: Brian – Third Encounter
No Love Lost
Rigged to Blow
Master and the Molotov
Russian Revolution
Search and Delete
Vigilante: Current Crimes
Broker’s Most Wanted
Easy as Can Be
Roman’s Sorrow

Bohan Area

Escuela of the Streets
Street Sweeper
Out of the Closet: Part 1
Luck of the Irish
Blow Your Cover
The Puerto Rican Connection
Out of the Closet: Part 2
Random Character: Mel
Random Character: Ilyena Faustin
Out of the Closet: Part 3
No. 1
Street Races – Bohan, Dukes, Broker & Algonquin
Socialising with Brucie
The Snow Storm
Have a Heart


Deconstruction for Beginners
Photo Shoot
Ruff Rider
Random Character: Pathos – First Encounter
Hostile Negotiation
Random Character: Jeff
Undress to Kill
Call and Collect
Final Interview: Part One
Random Character: Hossan
Random Character: Sara – First Encounter
Final Interview: Part Two
Holland Nights
Random Character: Jeff – Second Encounter
Wrong Is Right
Portrait of a Killer
Algonquin’s Most Wanted
Random Character: Sara – Second Encounter
The Holland Play: Part One
Dust Off
The Holland Play: Part Two
Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Paper Trail
Three Leaf Clover
Socialising With Packie
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Random Character: Jeff – Third Encounter
A Long Way to Fall
Random Character: Cherise
Taking in the Trash
Museum Piece
Random Character: Pathos – Second Encounter
No Way on the Subway
Weekend at Florian’s
Hating the Haters
Late Checkout
Union Drive
Bouys Ahoy
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle

Alderney Area

Truck Hustle
Bryce’s Infernus
Street Races – Alderney
Car Thefts
Tunnel of Death
Random Character: Eddie Low – First Encounter
Random Character: Marnie – First Encounter
Alderney’s Most Wanted 1
Random Character: Ivan
Alderney’s Most Wanted 2-10
Pegorino’s Pride
Blood Brothers
I’ll Take Her
Catch the Wave
To Live and Die in Alderney
She’s a Keeper
Flat Line
Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
Pest Control
Dining Out
Random Character: Eddie Low Second Encounter
Random Character: Clarence
Random Character: Marnie – Second Encounter
Liquidize the Assets
That Special Someone
Unique Stunt Jumps: Bohan
Flying Rats & Unique Stunt Jumps: Algonquin
Flying Rats & Unique Stunt Jumps: Alderney
Random Character: Gracie
One Last Thing
Finale (Revenge): A Dish Served Cold
Finale (Deal): If the Price Is Right
Finale (Revenge and Deal): Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Finale (Revenge): Out of Commission
Finale (Deal): A Revenger’s Tragedy
Happiness Island