Alderney GTA 4 Missions

List of all Alderney GTA 4 Missions:

    Head over to Phil in east Alderney for this one. Head to the marker, but take another detour for a few Flying Rats along the way.

Flying Rat #106
Stop just outside the gates of the port. The pidgeon is on a low wall just behind the boat propeller by the Port Tudor sign.

Flying Rat #107
Follow the suggest route to the marker until you reach the hospital on the left along Long John Avenue. Shoot the pidgeon in the flower bed on the left of the hospital entrance.

Now go to the marker. Stay behind the cover of the wall where you start after the cut scene to take out the numerous enemies in the alleyway. Once the coast is clear work your way towards the truck, taking cover if more enemies appear.

When you get close to the truck it will begin to drive away, run for the back of the truck and niko will grab on.

Follow the instructions to keep pulling back onto the truck’s roof whenever you get thrown to the side, then whenever the truck isn’t throwing you around make your way forward to the driver’s cabin.

Once your in control of the truck drive to the marker to end the mission.

Flying Rat #108
From the mansion head southwest along the narrower dirt track to the point just before the two dirt tracks meet. There’s a pidgeon on the ground behind the tall grass just to the east.

    Go to the assassination icon on the map by the payphone just north of the gun store. There are 9 missions triggered in random order from here. Every mission provides body armour and ammo you can pick up from the yard behind the phonebox.

Water Hazard
Take a cab to the marker and snipe the target.

Flying Rat #109
Grab a vehicle and go to the most western point on Emery Street. Turn around here and onto the Plumbers Skyway on-ramp. Park up at the white LCPA crane cabin and jump to its roof. Walk to the southern edge of the roof and you should see a pidgeon just below.

Industrial Action
Take a cab to the marker then go up the nearby stairs to the catwalk.

Flying Rat #110
Run along the catwalk until you see the pidgeon on the nearby pipe to the right. Shoot it then run back to the main gates of the oil refinery.

Run through the gates and to the far end of the refinery and around the back of the far building where there’s a staircase you can climb to the targets’ level.

Take out the numerous targets around this area. If you leave the two targets in the middle of the lower walkway between the two refinery buildings until last you can pick up their duffel bag.

If you need a first aid kit at any point there’s one on the ground level wall near where most of the targets are.

Dead End
Don’t take a cab to the marker, or the target will take off in a car as soon as you’re dropped off and you’ll lose them before you can find a vehicle. Drive to to the marker, chase the car to an alleyway then gun down the several targets, using cover as necessary.

Migration Control
Take a cab to the marker then run to the target. If you have any rockets fire a couple at the helicopter to make sure it doesn’t take off. If the target is still alive after the chopper goes down shoot him. If you don’t have any rockets use the sniper rifle provided to take out the target from a distance, but you must be quick before he gets in the helicopter.

Flying Rat #111
There’s a pidgeon in the seating area north of the helipad, under the stairs next to the boardwalk.

Flying Rat #112
A little southwest there’s another pidgeon on top of the entrance gates above the Booth Tunnel on the southern side.

Bailing Out For Good
Drive to the marker, shoot the target, flee the scene before you get busted.

Hook Line and Sinker
Take a cab to the marker, head down to the beachfront, get in the boat by the shore, get a little closer to the target then stop and snipe the target. If you miss you may have to chase the boat and driveby shoot at it until the target is dead.

Derelict Target
Take a cab to the marker then head towards the targets. Work your way around the building taking out all targets along the way, but if the first target runs into the basement make sure you get him first, as it’ll be much harder to get him if you leave him until last. Take care as you go up the stairs, there will be two or three gunmen on every level waiting to gun you down. There are a couple of first aid kits on the walls inside the buildings if you need them. Watch out for cops towards the end of the mission. Your wanted level should clear once you complete the mission.

R.U.B. Down
Take a cab to the marker then head towards the targets in the wide alleyway. Get your assault rifle ready, as soon as the group get spooked as you approach take out the targets as quickly as possible. Try to go for the motorcyclists first, if they ride off they are very hard to chase.

Flying Rats #113-114
There’s a pair of pidgeons on the east side of the alleyway, one on the barbed wire fence and the other on the ground below it.

Taken Out
Steal a reasonably fast car and drive to the marker. You need to take out the limo. If you’re following this guide in the suggested order the limo will probably be on its own, if you started this mission later on in the game there may well be two other SUVs full of gunmen in convoy. If the limo is on its own it’s fairly easy to driveby shoot it, but if it’s in a convoy you’ll have little chance to survive the hail of bullets from all three cars as soon as you shoot or hit any of the cars. The easiest way to complete this mission if there’s a convoy is to wait for a long, straight road which will give you time to get ahead, get out of the car and fire a rocket at the limo. It’s a long wait, but if you follow until they get to AutoEroticar there’s a perfect opportunity there. Pick up a rocket or two from the gun store by the payphone before you start this mission if you need it.

    If you’re following this guide in order you can use Bryce’s Infurnus for the last three street races, otherwise find yourself a nice fast car.

Call Brucie under the ‘Races’ option on your phone to start each mission. Bear in mind you must be in Alderney when you call Brucie to be able to access these last three races.

North Alderney
It’s fairly easy to get an early lead in this race, and there are only a couple of tight corners, so it shouldn’t be long before you win this race.

Elevated (Mid-Alderney)
This one’s easy to take an early lead on, but be very careful coming off the elevated freeway. If you don’t slow right down you may end up going over the ramp into the water or smashing hard into the barrier. Apart from this turn though the rest of the race has relatively easy turns and lots of straight road.

South Alderney
This one’s quite tough, there are lots of sharp turns after long straights and it’s hard to get an early lead. Keep at it though and you should win without too much trouble.

    Completing ‘Smackdown’ also opens up the Car Theft missions. You’ll receive text messages from Brucie’s friend ‘Stevie’ showing a picture of a vehicle and a general description of its location. Stevie wants you to steal 30 vehicles for him (10 on each island). The order of vehicles is random, but the location of each vehicle is always the same.

You must find each vehicle (use the descriptions below to help you) and drop it off at Stevie’s ‘S&M Auto Sales Garage’ on the corner of Rocket Street and Guantanamo Avenue in Dukes. Try to deliver the vehicle in good condition, as your delivery fee will be progressively lower in proportion to the amount of damage done to the vehicle.

Once you’ve dropped the car off you won’t get the next text from Stevie for another six game hours, so it’ll take quite some time to complete all 30, but you do need to do them all to count towards your 100% completion. Try to do each one soon after you receive the message if you want to progress your game as quickly as possible.

The Cavalcade is parked in a driveway directly north of the north point of the Memorial Hospital on the corner of Manzano Road and Long John Avenue in Alderney. Drop the car off at S&M; Autos, but stop for the following three Flying Rats along the way.

Flying Rat #118
Stop at the corner of Franklin Street and Sacramento Avenue by the Gaulle Jewelry store. Go southwest around the corner into the alleyway by the store and climb the two sets of ladders to the store’s rooftop. There’s a pidgeon here. If shooting attracts police attention drop off the roof directly to the Cavalcade rather than going back down the ladders directly into range of the police. Now lose your wanted level.

Flying Rat #119
This pidgeon is on top of a fence post in the alleyway between Folsom Street and Drop Street in Dukes.

Go to Port Tudor docks in Alderney where you did your first mission for Phil. The rancher is parked on the north side of warehouse B behind a truck trailer. Stop for a couple of Flying Rats on the way to S&M; Autos.

Flying Rat #120
Stop on Applewhite Street directly north of the safehouse. There’s a building here with a big ‘Science of Crime’ billboard above the building on the north side of the street. Snipe the pidgeon at the base of the billboard.

Flying Rat #121
Now drive east along Applewhite until just before the road bends north. On the south side of the street there’s a road leading up the hill to various tiers of seating areas. Look along the wall to the right of the road and you’ll see a pidgeon nestled in the corner where the wall rises to the next tier.

This car is at the base of the steps where you chased Dardan to his death at the Sugar factory on Creek Street way back in ‘Bleed Out’.

Flying Rat #122
Head northeast to the end of Franklin Street then turn north onto Applewhite Street. Continue north until the road becomes just a dirt track down to the shore. Turn back on yourself and drive carefully to the waters’ edge and south to the wooden ramp rising up towards the bridge. There’s a pidgeon under the ramp.

Flying Rat #123
Drive across to Dukes along Grand Boulevard until it narrows and drops into a tunnel by the corner of Elbow Street. Pull off onto the sidewalk leading east up the hill alongside the southern side of the Grand Boulevard tunnel. A little way along there’s a pidgeon by the entrance to 1665 Grand Boulevard.

This car is in the driveway of a house northeast of Jimmy’s mansion on Owl Creek Avenue, by the corner of Cariboo Avenue in Alderney. The car has an alarm and the area is heavily patrolled by cops, but it is possible to sit out the alarm without getting a wanted level if there are no cops in the immediate area.

Flying Rat #124
Drive south to the corner of Ortiz and Flathead Road. There’s a pidgeon on an air conditioning unit on the wall of the building on the east side of Ortiz Road.

Flying Rat #125
Drive east on Bridger Street until it turns south. Drive into the alleyway just before the barrier gates of the police station on the left. There’s a pidgeon on the ground near the barrier. Needless to say you’re going to get a wanted level for shooting it.

Flying Rat #126
Continue your journey to S&M Autos, lose your wanted level then turn north off Grand Boulevard into Valdez Street and stop at its most northernly point. There’s a pidgeon on rock jutting out from the wall behind the fence. You can jump over to the rock if you stand right in front of it and jump the fence.

Flying Rat #127
Before you pick up the car head to the corner of Huntingdon Street and Charleston Avenue in Broker. Go up the stairs on the northeast corner to the station platform. Turn right at the top of the stairs and approach the three ticket vending machines. The pidgeon is on the roof of the stairs leading to the upper platform behind the ticket machines.

Get the Manana from behind the Burger Shot on Camden Avenue just south of Huntington Street in Broker.

Flying Rat #128
Drive across the Dukes Bay Bridge then turn west to the southeastern end of Leavenworth Avenue at the point where it turns south in the Industrial area. There’s a pidgeon on top of the streetlight by the abandoned building here.

Steal the Buccanneer from the far southeastern end of Lompoc Avenue in Dukes. Before you head back to the garage…

Flying Rat #129
Drive northeast to the corner of Planche and Flanger Street. Go into the alleyway halfway along Flanger Street to the west. There’s a pidgeon on a pipe on the ground on the east side of the alley about halfway down.

You’ll find this one halfway along Carrollton Street between Saratoga and Cleves Avenue in Dukes.

Flying Rat #130
Drive southwest to the corner of Seymour Avenue and Ellery Street. Park the car on this corner then run west and up to the train station platform. Go left to the bench by the end of the platform covering. Climb onto the bench then onto the roof of the covering. Go west and climb over the station roof, then walk across the roof of the walkway crossing the street. Climb onto the roof of the building across the street then go over to east side of the roof. You’ll finally find the pidgeon in the roof doorway.

If you were lucky enough not to get a wanted level for shooting the pidgeon go back the way you came to the car, otherwise take the fall from the roof to get back to the Dilletante as quickly as possible and lose the cops.

Flying Rat #131
Drive across the Dukes Bay Bridge then north to the parking lot on the shore beside the Northern Expressway. Run southeast along the shoreline until you reach the big rock jutting out into the sea near where the shoreline turns south. There’s a pidgeon here. Try to shoot it from the grass verge rather than dropping down onto the rock, it’s tricky getting back up.

This one is outside the church on Feldspar Street by Liberty Lane in Algonquin.

Flying Rat #132
Head northeast to Albany Avenue. Park up just before the road dips under the Algonquin Bridge approach road and walk into the cable car station area on the east side of the street. There’s a pidgeon on the railings between the cable cars running alongside the bridge.

PMP 600
Break into this car in the alleyway behind Liberty Bank in Amsterdam Lane, south Algonquin.

Flying Rat #133
Stop for the pidgeon inside an enclosed wooden construction area underneath the train station on Drop Street in Dukes.

This one’s on the west side of the tallest building in the area on Bunker Hill Avenue in Dukes, just east of where you started the random character mission for Badman.

Flying Rat #134
Drive across Charge Island to Dukes, park up on the southern end of Quentin Avenue then run southwest down towards the shoreline until you get to the lookout point. Look northwest from here and snipe the pidgeon on the smallest of the series of boulders jutting out into the river.

Sabre GT
Steal this car from the driveway of a small mansion on the corner of Tudor Street and Stillwater Avenue on the southwest end of Meadows Park Towers in Dukes.

Get this car from the northern point of Asparagus Avenue in Rotterdam Hill, Broker, where the road turns sharply east.

Grab this car from the driveway of the green house on the corner of Aspdin Drive and Kemeny Street in Alderney.

Flying Rat #135
Drive to the corner of Butterfly and Uprock Street in northwest Dukes then park up and run north down the cliffs and across the promenade. In the middle of the promenade south of the middle of the piers there’s a pidgeon on a discarded concrete median.

Pick this car up near the corner of Vauxite Street and Exeter Avenue in Algonquin.

Flying Rat #136
Drive east along Butterfly Street in north Dukes until the road starts to rise up. Get out here and run northeast to the second set of piers on the shoreline. Drop down into the water on the west side of the westernmost pier and you’ll find a pidgeon under the boardwalk before the start of the pier.

Huntley Sport
Head to the parking lot of the LCPD station by the corner of Leavenworth Avenue and Grand Boulevard in Dukes, but before you steal it…

Flying Rat #137
Go across the street and a little west, up to a small building on the north side of the rail track. To get up there you’ll have to go west until the wall alongside the tracks becomes low enough to climb.

Now go back for the car. You will get a wanted level (if you haven’t already from shooting the pidgeon) if any cops are by the car, but they won’t be able to get to you as long as you pull away as quickly as possible.

Take a cab to the airport then a slight detour for a pidgeon.

Flying Rat #138
Run north and up the stairs to the train station platform. Cross the tracks then run north until the tracks cross over the northwestern end of the northernmost of the two ‘FlyUS’ buildings. Jump down here onto the roof then climb across the front of the building to the double air conditioning unit between the two buildings. There’s a pidgeon between the two units. Don’t drop down from the north side of the building or you’ll get a four-star wanted level for trespassing in this high security area. You’ll have to take a little damage from the higher fall from the north side of the building.

Go back to the parking lot south of the train station and up to the top level and steal the Bobcat. Now drive back to the garage.

You’ll find the Infernus on the eastern corner of Earp Street and Montauk Avenue, northeast of Outlook Park in Broker, but before you jack the car and head back to the garage…

Flying Rat #139
Take out the pidgeon on top of the bus stop across the street a little to the north.

Head to the car wash near the corner of Lynch Street and Saratoga Avenue in Broker. Before you take the Freeway…

Flying Rat #140
Go under the rail bridge just north of the car wash. Look up at the support beams of the bridge from the northeastern side of the road. There’s a pidgeon here.

Now grab the Freeway from the car wash and do some Stunt Jumps on the way back to the garage. Some of these jumps are quite tricky. If you lose the bike for any reason you will need to go back to the car wash to pick up another one.

Unique Stunt Jump #7
This jump starts from the ramp on the corner of Lynch Street and Freetown Avenue. Go north to the top end of Freetown Avenue to get enough run up to clear the expressway and land on the other side.

Unique Stunt Jump #8
Plot a GPS route to the northeast corner of Tudor Street. The ramp is a fallen signpost pointing northeast across the expressway. This jump is tricky because there’s often a lot of oncoming traffic in the way, but eventually you’ll get a clear run up. Start from the corner where Tudor Street meets itself to the west. You’ll complete the jump if you land on the far end of the expressway on the off ramp or further.

Unique Stunt Jump #9
Your next jump is in the southeastern corner of Tudor Street. You don’t need too much run up, start from just before the road leading east off Tudor Street. Ride south down the left hand lane to avoid hitting oncoming traffic at the last second and hit the middle of the ramp. You’ll complete the jump if you land on the expressway on ramp past the grassy area under the road.

Unique Stunt Jump #10
Head south down the expressway to the car wash on Tutelo Avenue. You will start your run up for the next jump here. Keep speeding north to hit the concrete ramp at the end of the street and clear the expressway.

Unique Stunt Jumps #11-12
Head northwest to the next ramp in an alleyway just off Livingston Street between Charleston and Camden Avenue. The ramp points south towards the railway tracks.

Start your run up two-thirds of the way up San Jacinto Avenue to the north, just past the alleyway to the west. Hit the middle of the ramp to land on top of the building to the south, but don’t stop here, carry straight on to jump the next ramp to land on the building behind the railway tracks.

Flying Rat #141
Go south to the alleyway between Hickock Street and Mohegan Avenue between Outlook Park and the Broker – Dukes Expressway. Climb to the roof of the building by the fire escape on the west side of the alley then climb around to the pidgeon on the northern end.

Flying Rat #142
Get back to the bike and ride southwest to the corner of Ringo Street and Saponi Avenue. There’s a pidgeon on the low wall under the overhead railtrack.

Flying Rat #143
Head southeast and get into the second lane on the expressway which goes up and around to the west. There’s a pidgeon on the median at the point where the median dips as the road begins to straighten out.

Unique Stunt Jump #13
Go west to the sugar factory on Creek Street. Look north from the factory to the big Sprunk sign facing the river. Just south of the sign is a short flight of stairs leading towards the riverfront. You need to land between the stairs and the river to complete this jump, which doesn’t leave much room for error. Any further and you’ll lose the bike in the river, any less won’t complete the jump.

The ramp is behind the shipping container to the east. To get to it ride up the two flights of steps and through the broken wall on Creek Street. Start your run up from the barriers past the end of the building next to the disused rail tracks. Hit the middle of the ramp then press forward to keep your front wheel from rising too high or you’ll crash land. Slam the brakes on when you land to stop before the railings.

You can replenish any health you lose by buying a soda at the kiosk by the Sprunk sign.

Unique Stunt Jump #14
Next jump is in an alleyway just north of the approach road to the East Borough Bridge in East Island City. Stop at the corner of Harrison Street and Tinconderoga Avenue. Start your run up by the Elm Leave Funeral Home facing the alleyway to the west. You need to land at least between the piles of junk in the junkyard below to the west.

Unique Stunt Jump #15
This one’s on Concord Avenue, just to the north of where you landed in the previous jump. Turn left out of the junkyard and turn around once you get past the overhead bridge. Start your run up from here and you should clear the construction building in the street to the north.

Unique Stunt Jump #16
The next jump is right where you landed in the previous jump on the corner of Concord Avenue and Morris Street north of the Algonquin Bridge. The ramp points west over the swimming pool.

Start your run up from just past Tinconderoga Street to the east. This should give you just enough speed to clear the swimming pool and land on Franklin Street (or if you’re unlucky hit one of the buildings by the pool). Slam your brakes on when you land or you may overrun into the river.

Beware of doing this jump with any more or less of a run up. More may see you land in the river, less will land you in the pool.

Unique Stunt Jump #17
Go northeast to the corner of Franklin Street and Brandon Avenue near the southern end of the Dukes Bay Bridge. Jump the ramp here, starting your run up along Franklin Street by the corner of Tinconderoga Avenue. You’ll complete the jump if you land on Dukes Boulevard.

Finally take your Freeway back to Stevie at the garage. If you’re still on the original Freeway after all of these jumps, well done! You probably won’t get much for it though.

Steal the Banshee from just south of the corner of Galveston Avenue and Obsidion Street near the southwest corner of Middle Park in Algonquin. It’s on the east side of the street.

NRG 900
Go to the southeast corner of Bismark Avenue and Topaz Street off the northeast corner of Middle Park in Algonquin.

Welcome to the most powerful and dangerous vehicle in the game. This is the best bike to use for the stunt jumps, so do a few on your way back to the garage.

If you get sent to hospital or lose the bike on any of these jumps you’ll have to go back to the corner of Bismark Avenue and Topaz Street to pick the bike back up.

Unique Stunt Jump #18
Head to the corner of Vespucci Circus and Bismarck Avenue. The jump is at the end of the alleyway to the east. Back up to the pedestrian crossing across the street. If you start your run up from here you should land in the street below. Any further back and you run the risk of landing in the water and losing the bike. Slam your brakes on as you land to avoid the water.

Unique Stunt Jump #19
Head north along Walnut Way, then west along Grummer Road, then south on Exeter Avenue. There’s a concrete ramp to the right of the stairs between the two apartment blocks east of the top end of Exeter Avenue.

Start your run up from the road to land in the next parking lot.

Unique Stunt Jump #20
Just north from where you landed in the previous jump is a triangular traffic island. There’s a ramp on the northern end of the triangle.

Start your run up from the far end of the dirt path to the northwest to land on Grummer Road under the bridge.

Unique Stunt Jump #21
Go west to the two apartment buildings just northeast of the corner of Ivy Drive North and the north end of Union Drive West. There’s a wooden ramp pointing out towards this corner. Start your run up from around the corner to the north at the top end of the apartment block. This should give you enough speed to clear Ivy Drive North and land on the roof of the warehouse on the corner or on Union Drive West.

Unique Stunt Jump #22
Head back east to the corner of Xenotime Street and Vespucci Circus. You will start your run up from here going northeast into Vespucci Circus towards the collapsed building beside the freeway. Hit the ramp (the ‘rubble’ of the collapsed building) diagonally, so that you take off going far enough north to land on the freeway.

Unique Stunt Jump #23
Just southwest of S&M Autos is an incomplete bridge construction. At the end of the bridge there’s a blue ramp pointing northeast over towards the garage. Start your run up from the barriers at the bottom of the bridge and hit the ramp and you should land in Guantanemo Avenue just past the garage.

Super GT
Go to the corner of Calcium Street and Columbus Avenue in Algonquin. The Super GT is parked a little way east from the corner on the north side of Calcium Street.

Take the Faggio near the corner of Bismark Avenue and Diamond Street in Algonquin. Enjoy the long, slow journey back to the garage. Why would Stevie want one of these rubbish things anyway?

Go to the riverside end of Franklin Street in Dukes. The car is parked about halfway down the street where the jetty is located.

Flying Rat #144
There’s a pidgeon on top of a raised brick wall section by the sidewalk near the sharp turn on Greene Avenue where it runs alongside Darkhammer Street.

Go to the corner of Denver Avenue and South Parkway at the southern tip of Algonquin. The Patriot is parked a little east along South Parkway by a hotdog stand between the two joined towers.

We’ve seen some problems with this car taking a while to appear, especially if there’s a lot of traffic in the area when you arrive. If it’s not there when you get there, go get the flying rat described below then come back. If it still hasn’t appeared keep going around the block until it does.

Flying Rat #145
There’s a pidgeon in the flower bed alongside the pavement a little way north up Denver Avenue on the east side of the street.

Pick this car up on the east side of Columbus Avenue near the corner of Hematite Street just south of Grand Easton Station in Algonquin.

Just north of Port Tudor in Alderney is the Pharte Gas plant. The gas silos are arranged in a ‘G’ shape. The car is parked just south of northeastern silo.

Flying Rat #146
Before you take the car back to the garage, take out the pidgeon in the collapsed railway tunnel just west of the northwestern silo.

Go to the Burger Shot to the west of Union Drive West in Algonquin. This car is in the parking lot.

Take the Moonbeam from the water treatment plant in northeastern Charge Island. The car is in the parking lot near the road.

This one’s in the car park on the corner of Crockett and Oneida Avenue near the rollercoaster and big wheel rides in Firefly Island.

Pick this car up from the alleyway east of Lyndon Avenue where it turns south towards Jonestown Avenue in Alderney.

Flying Rat #147
On your way back to the garage stop on the eastern end of the Hickey Bridge. There’s a pidgeon on the southern bridge wall.

    Head to Derrick’s icon and step into the marker. Take Derrick’s boat to the meeting point then follow Kim’s boat.

Keep close to the boat because several enemy boats will turn up to shoot at him. Driveby shoot the enemy boats to keep them from killing Kim and Derrick.

After you’ve taken out a few boats a helicopter will turn up and Derrick will ask you to take it out with a rocket launcher. Follow the on-screen instructions to stand up and aim at the helicopter. Aim a little in front of the helicopter’s flight path if it’s still moving, as it can take few seconds for your rocket to hit depending on how far you are from the helicopter.

Once the helicopter goes down take out the remaining boats then follow Kim to his final destination.

Flying Rat #148
Go down the steps by the road where you are dropped off to the rusty boat docked on the jetty below. There’s a pidgeon perched in the cabin.

Flying Rat #149
Go back up to street level and head northwest along Lampoc Avenue past Burger Shot to just past Worm Street. On the south side of Lampoc there’s a junk yard. Snipe the pidgeon on top of the northeast corner of the building at the back of the junkyard.

    Go to Derrick and listen to his request to kill Aiden. Shortly after this cutscene Packie calls to offer his help and point you towards the truck he’s provided for you. Go get the truck then park it between the two markers to block the tunnel. Now use the cover behind the truck and nearby cars to take out the targets. Be careful not to shoot Packie at the back of the vehicles.

Once all cops are dead get in Aiden’s police van, wait for Packie to get in then ram the van past the truck and out of the tunnel. If you’re quick enough you’ll reach the edge of your wanted level zone before more cops turn up and you’ll be able to stop just outside long enough to lose your wanted level. If not carry on driving until you do.

Once the coast is clear drive to the marker, switch vehicles and drive to the final marker. Wait for the end of the cutscene then shoot Aiden.

Flying Rat #150
Head north to the shopping area built on the concrete square jutting out into the sea. Pull yourself up on the southeast corner wall then head to north end of the square to the payphones by the AM2MP store. Pull yourself up onto the payphone then jump across to the roof of the store. Climb up to the roof to the west and shoot the pidgeon between the water towers on this roof.

Flying Rat #151
Head southeast to the corner of Manzano Road and Lokowski Avenue. Southeast of here is an alleyway. There’s a pidgeon on the ground by the support beam below Panhandle Road, just north of the alleyway.

If you’re here between the hours of 10pm and 4am you’ll see a friend icon at the entrance to the nearby alleyway, if not, come back here later.

    Go to the corner of Manzano Road and Lokowski Avenue between the hours of 10pm and 4am and you’ll see Eddie’s ‘friend’ icon at the entrance to the nearby alleyway opposite AutoEroticar. Approach Eddie to start the mission.

Eddie has some of the best dialogue in the game. “Accents are funny… I can tell what borough people are from just from their screams”. Creeptastic!

Drive Eddie to the docks to ‘drop off the kids’, then take him to his ‘hunting ground’ in Algonquin.

    Drive southeast to the corner of Diamond Street and Liberty Lane. There should be a ‘friend’ icon on your map. You’ll find Marnie sitting on a bench by the fountain near the hotdog vendor. Approach her to start the mission.

Drive Marnie to the marker on Boyden Avenue.

Flying Rat #152
Go to the corner of Boyden and Jonestown Avenue. There’s a big building with several pillars on its south face on the north side of Jonestown. There’s a pidgeon near the southeast corner of the building to the right of the stairs behind the fence.

    Pick up the cop car outside your Alderney safehouse or call 911 and steal one.

1: Marty Boldenow
Drive to the marker then get out and walk to the targets behind the barrier and around the corner. Crouch and creep along the wall to take out the first guy behind the wall, then take out the one by the car. Be careful of the guy at the back of the parking lot firing a rocket launcher. Clear out the last few guys and you’re done.

Flying Rat #153
Before you head back to the car go left at the barrier and around the side of the hardware store next door on Mueri Street. Go up the stairs, climb the doorway to the roof, then climb the nearby ladder to the next roof. The pidgeon is on top of an air conditioning unit.

    If you spared Ivan’s life way back in ‘Ivan the Not So Terrible’ you’ll see his icon on the map nearby. Approach him to start the mission.

Drive Ivan to his meeting, but if you’re in a cop car park up across the street before walking into the marker or you’ll spook his clients. Shoot the men when they refuse to pay up

    2: Noel Kutsuda
    Park up when you reach the marker then run for cover behind the wall by the gates. Take out as many targets as you can from cover then work your way around the area to take down the rest.

Flying Rat #154
Go southwest across the street to the cliff edge. There’s a pidgeon on the side of the cliff a little south of a burnt out car.

Flying Rat #155
Head east along Emery Street then take a left into the industrial area where the Plumbers Skyway passes overhead. Keep to the left then take the next left turn into oncoming traffic on the Skyway off-ramp. Drive up the off ramp until it loops round past some multicolored shipping containers to the right. Stop here, get out and look down into the industrial park below. There a pidgeon on one of the lower shipping containers.

3: Rodney McEniry
Work your way around the alleyway picking off the targets from behind cover of the walls and dumpsters.

Flying Rat #156
Pick off the nearby pidgeon on the gravel bank next to the high wall near the corner of Vitullo Street and Aspdin Drive.

4: Glenn Lushbaugh
Try to keep close to the car as it speeds through the streets, because it drops grenades that will blow up your car if you’re a few seconds behind. You need to driveby shoot the car to take out Glenn.

5: Phil Bacerra
Another driveby mission, but you have two trucks to chase down this time, and they are both shooting at you with heavy firepower. Shoot out the tires to slow them down if you need to.

6: Sergi Szerbin
This one’s a straightforward hunt the target around the area. Use the walls as cover.

7: Danny Hatmaker
Another hide and hunt. When you enter the Port Tudor gates quickly drive south to escape the targets’ firing range. Park up by the warehouse to the south then take out the few targets you can see from here with your sniper rifle. Now work your way around the silos taking out the remaining targets.

8: Mervin Eskuchen
You have two Patriots to driveby shoot and the passengers have assault rifles that will damage your car quite quickly.

You’ll need full health and armour plus plenty of sniper rifle ammo for the next mission, so head to the gun shop on Odhner Drive and buy body armour and the combat sniper rifle, which holds more ammo than the standard sniper rifle.

Flying Rat #157
Look a little to the south across the street from the gun store and shoot the pidgeon on top of the furthest sliding door on the Auto Parts building.

9: Fredrick Harrison
Park up near the only target on ground level. Jump over the fence, shoot the first target then go up first flight of the nearby stairs between the two sides of the bridge. Stop a little way down the walkway and use your sniper rifle to zoom in straight ahead. You should see a target a few levels up in the distance. Shoot him. Walk on a little further and zoom in on the target hiding up ahead on the next level to the right. Shoot this target then continue on to the bottom of the fourth set of stairs. Turn around and take out the guy on the level above you. Carry on up the stairs and turn around again and you should be able to see another target lurking in the distance above and to the right. Carry on to the sixth set of steps and take out the guy on the level above and behind you. Now go up to the top level and work your way back to take out the last four targets.

Flying Rat #158
Go back to the cop car and drive back down the dirt drive to Plumbbob Avenue. Take a right here then stop by the end of the trees on the right to take out the pidgeon on the ground.

Flying Rat #159
Go northeast to the Mandrel Road bridge and shoot the pidgeon on the railing post halfway down the east side of the bridge.

Flying Rat #160
Carry on going north on Mandrel Road past Barsac Avenue, then turn right into the diner and park up on the east side of the building. Climb the nearby dumpster, jump to the air conditioning unit, climb this and jump to the roof. Climb the next nearby air conditioning unit then use your sniper rifle to shoot the pidgeon hidden up in the support beams of the bridge directly east of you.

10: Keenan Burdett
Park up just inside the entrance to the parking lot. There’s a Sprunk machine you can use here if you need it at any point during the mission. Use the wall of the ramp as cover as you make your way up the levels taking out the targets.

Stunt Jump #24
There’s a ramp at the far end on the top floor, get in the four-door car at the other end and drive at full speed to hit the ramp and ‘land’ (nose dive) in the street below.

    If you’re not already wearing your suit stop off at your safehouse to change before starting this mission.

Go up to Jimmy’s mansion (the ‘J’ icon on the map) and watch the starting cut scene. Get in the car and wait for Jimmy to go in, then drive to the marker.

Go through the door ahead of you and up the stairs to the next marker. Zoom in on Jimmy with your sniper rifle, wait for the meeting to turn violent, then shoot the three Pavanos. Another four men will then turn up, snipe as man of these as you can before they get to cover. Now switch to another weapon and head back down the stairs and over towards Jimmy.

Work your way over to Jimmy, taking out the men scattered around the building. You can avoid having to kill a few men by going around the back of the building rather than through or over it.

Once you’ve picked Jimmy up and are in the nearby car chase the Pavanos’ car until it crashes, then get out and shoot the remaining men. Pick up Jimmy’s money then return to the car. Now enjoy the final peaceful drive back to Jimmy’s mansion.

Flying Rat #161
Jimmy will text you inviting you back for another mission shortly, but meanwhile walk northeast to the wall by Beaverhead Avenue separating the back of Jimmy’s garden and his neighbour. There is a pidgeon on the wall here.

    Head back to Jimmy’s.

Drive to the marker, but make sure you approach it driving north. Chase after the Turismo, but don’t get too close or the passenger will shoot at you.

Once you reach AutoEroticar get out and take cover to take out the multiple targets around the showroom. It’s quicker and highly satisfying to blow up the cars to take out targets, but if you don’t you’ll have the super fast Coquette to make your getaway in.

Once all gang members are dead get in a car and lose your wanted level. The gang members in AutoEroticar drop a fair amount of cash, so you might want to pick it up before or after you lose your wanted level.

    Drive to Francis’ marker in Castle Gardens, watch the cut scene then get a cab to the next marker.

After Francis’ phone call walk around to the north side of the building. Climb up the wooden boards to the scaffolding platform and over to the cleaning lift. Take the lift up to the roof and walk into the marker.

Shoot either Derrick or Francis. There’s not a huge amount of difference between them, but if you shoot Derrick, Francis will allow you to lose a wanted level once before the end of the main missions, which is quite useful.

    A couple of game hours after finishing ‘Blood Brothers’ Packie will call inviting you to the funeral of the brother you shot. Unfortunately if you are doing any of the side missions when you get this call you won’t be able to finish what you were doing, as you’re forced to go straight to the funeral.

Take down the waves of Albanians outside the church after the service, then get in the hearse with Packie and drive to the cemetary. This is easier said than done, however. You have cop cars and Albanians on your tail, plus the coffin in the back will fall out if you crash or take corners too sharply. Things will get much easier once you make it across the bridge, so take out the Albanian’s tyres to slow it down and you should make it if you’re careful enough.

Once you get across the bridge drive to the marker to finish the mission.

    Shortly after finishing ‘Undertaker’ Gerry will call you opening up another strand of missions. Pay him a visit in prison in south Alderney.

Note the names on the whiteboard behind Gerry, all classic spoof names.

After the cut scene go to the [email protected] internet cafe on Vitullo Avenue. Log on and follow the on screen instructions to get Gracie’s number. If your game time is between 8am and 9pm call Gracie to arrange a viewing, otherwise carry on with the next mission and call her when you get a reminder call from Packie.

Once Gracie agrees to show you her car drive over to the marker then follow the suggested route for the ‘test drive’.

After a while the route will change to the safehouse and Niko will tell Gracie he is kidnapping her, at which point she’ll keep grabbing the wheel, making the car lurch wildly. Stop accelerating whenever she does this or you may flip the car onto its roof and fail the mission. Eventually Niko will knock Gracie out making the rest of the journey simple.

Flying Rat #162
Once you’ve dropped off Gracie go west along the alleyway to where another alleyway leads north. Turn south from here until you can clearly see the billboard facing the highway across the street. There’s a pidgeon under the billboard.

In a few game hours Packie will call you to open up the next mission in this strand. If you’re doing the car theft missions between the main missions now would be a good time to do the next one, otherwise kill a few hours if you want to go straight on to the next main mission.

    Go to the Ransom icon then head upstairs to Gracie. Follow the instructions to get Gracie to look up at you so you can take a clear picture on your phone by selecting ‘Camera’, then ‘Capture’.

Send the picture then leave the building.

    Head down to Phil’s icon at the Honkers strip club.

Flying Rat #163
Before you go in shoot the doorman at the entrance then the pidgeon above him. If you shoot the pidgeon first the doorman will shoot you.

Drive Phil to the van, then drive the van to the boatyard. After the cutscene back the van up then get out and take down everyone in the boatyard. Shoot the two explosives barrels to the right of the warehouse to take out targets quickly. Watch out for the targets shooting from the catwalk above.

There’s a body armour pick up on the floor to the left and another outside it you need them.

Take out the last few targets outside the back of the warehouse by the water then…

Flying Rat #164
Go around to the right and shoot the pidgeon on top of the dry-docked boat.

Now go to the other side of the dock, get in the speedboat and follow Phil.

When the enemy boats turn up take them out with driveby fire. Once these are taken out follow Phil to the final destination.

Flying Rat #165
After the end of the mission run back down to the end of the jetty and use your sniper rifle to zoom in on the support column under the eastern end of the Hickey Bridge. There’s a pidgeon about two-thirds of the way along.

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