Algonquin GTA 4 Missions

All Algonquin GTA 4 Missions:

    Go to Playboy X’s apartment. After the cut scene drive Playboy X to the SUV parked downtown to pick up some weapons. Take the nearby lift up to the roof of the building then use the sniper rifle to take out the three goons guarding the construction site from the tops of the cranes.

Go back down the lift and across the road to the construction site then work your way through the site taking out the numerous goons on your way to the first union boss. There is a first aid kit in the middle of the site against one of the beams if you need it.

Head up the wooden ramp and after the quick cut scene throw a grenade to thin the crowd ahead of you. Work your way around to the second union boss to the far-left.

Follow the wooden ramp and work your way through the goons to the third boss hidden behind the steel beams in the far-right corner.

The final boss is to the east. Take a few shots at the helicopter to chase it off then work your way towards the boss. You’ll need to drop down to the lower roof then climb the ladder to get to him.

Flying Rat #47
Head northwest, carefully crossing the expressway to get to the park. There’s a pidgeon on the ground in the middle of the park.

    Head to Playboy X’s pad again then take a vehicle to the marker. Use your new phone to take a picture of the group from the edge of the basketball court. Follow the on screen instructions then Playboy X will verify Marlon’s identity. Now shoot Marlon then jump back into your vehicle and lose Marlon’s friends and any wanted level you might have attracted.

Flying Rat #48
Head northeast to the corner of Vercucci Circus and Xenotime Street. Go north towards the building with a collapsed wall. There’s a pidgeon on the second floor on the collapse wall side.

Flying Rat #49
Head west along Xenotime Street, about two thirds of the way down between the junctions between Exeter Street and Frankfurt Avenue. There’s an alleyway on the south side. The pidgeon is on a concrete post here.

    Go over to Dwayne’s place to start this mission. Take a cab over to Dwayne’s ex-girlfriend’s location. After the cut scene you have the choice whether to kill her or not, but decide quickly, her new boyfriend is escaping. If you let her go there will be another random character mission for you to do later on, but it won’t count towards your 100% completion rating, so killing her has no real downside.

Use the NRG 900 motorbike behind around the corner to chase the boyfriend. When you get close enough take him out with a driveby. Once he’s dead pick up Dwayne’s cash then go to the Cluckin’ Bell to meet with Dwayne. Keep hold of the motorbike for a while, they are the best vehicle to do the Unique Stunt Jumps with.

Flying Rat #50
From the street outside the Cluckin’ Bell look south to the corner of Iron Street and Burlesque and look up at the shark’s head on the corner of the building. There’s a pidgeon in the shark’s mouth.

Unique Stunt Jump #3
Head north to where Burlesque and Denver-Exeter Avenue cross. There’s a ramp in the middle of the street here.

Start your run up from the next junction south and hit the ramp to land on or past the next junction north.

    Head back to the Burlesque and Denver-Exeter crossing and you should see a friend icon. Walk towards Pathos to start the mission then kill the two thugs Pathos gets into a fight with.

Flying Rat #51
Head southwest across the street to the corner of Burlesque and Kunzite Street. There’s a pidgeon on top of a power box just to the right of the big turntable on the side of the MeTV building.

Flying Rat #52
Go southeast a little way down Burlesque on the east side of the street. There’s a pidgeon in the tree by the SAWSAQ building.

Unique Stunt Jump #4
Go southeast to the corner of Jade Street and Denver-Exeter Avenue. There’s a ramp here on the southwest corner. Start your run up from the next junction west to land on the other side of Jade Street past Denver-Exeter Avenue.

    Several hours after completing the ‘Photo Shoot’ mission (assuming you’ve also done ‘Roman’s Sorrow’ and ‘Have a Heart’) you’ll get a distress call from Mallorie explaining that Roman has been kidnapped. A while later you’ll also get a picture text from Dimitri confirming this.

Take a cab to the warehouse and step into the marker to watch the cut scene giving you a quick overview of the warehouse and Roman’s location on the top floor.

Creep along the low wall until you get a clear view of the guy smoking next to the red explosives barrel by the ‘No Smoking’ sign. Come out of cover to shoot the barrel and then take out the men knocked down by the blast nearby.

There are also a few targets you can take out on the second floor from behind the wall if you wander up and down to get a clear shot.

Once you’ve cleared the way come out from behind the wall and go into the ground floor area. Note there’s a health pack on the floor by the the big spool. This respawns after a few minutes, so you can keep coming back for more health if you need to.

Run for cover to the office opposite the spool and take out the targets on the floor above.

Go up the stairs to the second level then work your way from pillar to pillar taking out enemies. There’s another health pickup on the wall and When you get to the staircase to the third level there’s a body armour pickup on the floor behind the two barrels.

Work your way around the third floor picking off the targets. There are a few explosive barrels you can shoot to speed things up a little.

At the staircase to the fourth floor take out the two men shooting from the roof and the far corridor. As you climb the stairs take out the last few men then the kidnapper appears holding a gun to Roman’s head.

You have three attempts to shoot the kidnapper in free-aim mode before he kills Roman. The safest option is to zoom in on his head with the sniper rifle, but your sniper ammo is precious and it’s fairly easy to use any other weapon to take the shot.

Follow Roman to the getaway vehicle and drive him back to the safehouse.

A while after dropping Roman off at the safehouse (or straight after saving your game there) Roman will call to say he’s leased an apartment in Algonquin. Not a wise decision for a man with a gambling addiction who’s already in serious debt with the mob! Anyway, it does mean you now have a convenient second safehouse to use in Algonquin.

    Head to the corner of Bismarck Avenue and Uranium Street in northeast Algonquin. You should see Jeff on the street corner here. Follow his wife and her ‘lover’ being careful to keep enough distance so as not to spook the driver.

Follow the couple in to the cafe and up the stairs then use your phone to take a picture of them together for Jeff. Text the picture to Jeff then leave the cafe.

Flying Rat #53
Now head southeast to the corner of Quartz Street and Albany Avenue. There’s a pidgeon on the railing of the subway entrance.

Flying Rat #54
Go south and take the next right into Pyrite Street. Proceed to the end of the road and turn right onto Columbus Avenue.

The pidgeon is in an arched recess on the large building on the east side of the street on the corner.

Flying Rat #55
Drive north to the corner of Columbus Avenue and Quartz Street. There’s a pidgeon on the northern pillar of the entrance to the park on the west side of the street.

    Go to Dwayne’s apartment. If you don’t already have a knife call LJ and buy one from him. Take a cab across to the strip club.

Walk into the club unarmed and go straight ahead until you overhear that the first manager is in the office behind you.

Head into the office then quickly take out your knife and kill the manager before he has a chance to turn around and fire at you. If a shot is fired your job becomes much, much harder as several bodyguards around the club rush in and open fire on you.

Walk back into the club and around the left side to the next manager talking to one of the girls by the stage. Don’t take this guy out yet, keep walking around the club into the corridor to the private dance area where another bodyguard will tell you wait until the manager has finished ‘test-driving’ his latest recruit.

Walk back to the end of the corridor where you can see the second manager. As soon as you draw a weapon the guards will open fire on you and the manager will make a run for the truck outside, but at least from this position you block the third manager’s escape. Draw a machine gun and quickly take out the second manager before he can escape, then turn around and take out the bodyguard and then the third manager as he runs out of the private dance booth.

All you need to do now is escape from the club. You can either work your way back through the club taking out all the bodyguards, or you can sprint for the car park. If you have plenty of ammo and patience the former is probably the safer option, but if you die now you’ve already completed the mission, so you have little to lose but the cost of a visit to the nearby hospital.

If any manager manages to escape you’ll need to chase his truck and take it out with a driveby. There’s a Coquette in the car park you can use for this.

Flying Rat #56
Take out the pidgeon northwest of the strip club at the end of Caterpillar Street. It’s on the ‘Welcome to Northern Gardens’ wall in the middle of the traffic island.

    Take a cab down to the ‘?’ icon at the Castle Gardens Pier in south Algonquin. After the cut scene take a cab to the meeting point. When Francis texts you the blackmailer’s number walk down to the hot dog vendor on the look out point below then call the number. You should be able to hear the blackmailer’s voice nearby as he speaks to you on the phone. He’s wearing a tracksuit top with a yellow hood. As you approach him he’ll run, or if you can’t find him by the second time you call him he’ll start running also. Chase him and gun him down, then pick up the storage card containing the images he was blackmailing Francis with.

You’ll have a wanted level now, so run north along the riverside walkway. The cops won’t be able to see you from the street above, so you’ll be able to run out of range of the wanted zone fairly easily, plus…

Flying Rat #57
When you get to the white concrete blocks lining the water’s edge there’s a pidgeon perched on top of the first block.

Now drive over to Francis for the end cut scene.

Flying Rat #58
Walk towards the sidewalk then look up at the building to the north. There’s a pidgeon two floors up on the fire escape.

    Go visit Francis at the cop shop, then after the cut scene go to the [email protected] internet cafe in North Holland and check your mail. Click on the link in Francis’ email then follow the instructions to send your hilariously phony CV to the law firm. It’ll be a while until you get any response, and even longer until your actual interview, so leave the cafe to take out some nearby flying rats.

Flying Rat #59
Go southwest to the intersection of Frankfort Avenue and Uranium Street. The pidgeon is on the wall next to the train track by the southbound road.

Flying Rat #60
Head west to the corner of Uranium Street and Galveston Avenue. There’s a hospital on the corner here. Go under the covered parking lot into the stairwell on the south face of the lot and climb the stairs. On the sixth floor there’s a balcony heading north. Walk around this balcony to the west side of the building and you should see the pidgeon on the railings.

Flying Rat #61
Go back to the main stairwell and continue climbing to the roof. Climb the ladder onto the ventilation housing and you’ll see the pidgeon on top of one of the fans.

Head back down to ground level and take a vehicle or cab to the southernmost ‘Perseus’ clothes store on Amethyst Street. Go into the store and buy a smart suit and shoes for your interview. You must be smartly dressed in order to get past the receptionist to your interview.

Flying Rat #62
Leave the store and walk northwest into Amsterdam Lane. Take the first right into the side street by the Bank of Liberty building. There’s a pidgeon on a metal post by the bank.

    Go northwest to the corner of Garnet Street and Frankfort Avenue. You should see the friend icon near here. Drive Hossan to collect his money, then when his contact flees the scene pick up Hossan and do a driveby on the contact’s car.

When the contact is dead pick up Hossan’s money then drive him back to his final destination.

Flying Rat #63
Walk north from Hossan’s drop off point across Garnet Street and up the stairs between Galveston and Frankfort Avenue. At the top of the stairs there’s a set of barriers blocking access to a disused train track. There’s a gap between the barriers and the track, drop into this gap and you’ll find a pidgeon on the ground below.

Flying Rat #64
Go north and drop down from the previous area towards the ‘Ron Oil’ gas station across the street. There is a bus stop on the west side of the gas station and another across the street to the west. The latter bus stop has a pidgeon on its roof.

    Head back south to Garnet Street. Sara can be found a little to the east of Hossan’s previous location, but she only appears in the late evening hours, so you may need to come back later.

Drive Sara back to her place. When you drop her off you’ll have an angry husband to deal with. Kill, beat up or just walk away from this guy, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, this mission is complete regardless.

Flying Rat #65
Go east to the corner of Silicon Street and Galveston Avenue then take the first left around the back of the houses where you drop off Sara. There’s a pidgeon in a sandbox by a playground.

Flying Rat #66
Head back onto Galveston Avenue and go south until you reach Ruby Street. There’s another pidgeon on the west side of the street on a concrete post.

    Three hours before your scheduled interview an ‘i’ icon will appear. Step into the marker outside the building to start the mission. Follow the instructions until you see the option to stand up during the rather one-sided ‘interview’. Draw a weapon, kill Goldberg then pick up the files on the corner of the desk.

Make your way across the hall and down the escalators to the front doors, taking out the security staff along the way. Cops will appear at the front doors, don’t shoot them unless you really need to or you will raise your wanted level above the initial two-star, making your escape much harder. If possible sprint past the cops onto the street and grab a vehicle to make a quick getaway.

Lose your wanted level then drive back to Francis.

    Go back to the cop shop to start this mission. Take a cab down to the apartment block then make sure you walk into the block with no weapon drawn.

Head to either end of the block and go up the stairs. On the first floor draw your weapon of choice then work your way up to the roof taking down all enemies along the way. Once you get to the roof Clarence will beg for his life. You have the choice of killing him here or walking away. If you walk away he’ll provide another random character mission later on, but it doesn’t form part of the 100% completion requirements, so it really doesn’t matter what decision you make here.

Whatever your decision was, you’ll now have a two-star wanted level. Don’t shoot any police on your way out or you’ll raise this to a three-star, which is much harder to lose as you’ll have a helicopter chasing you. Run down the stairs back down to street level, sprinting past any cops, grab a vehicle and drive north towards the Northwood Heights Bridge until you lose your wanted level.

Flying Rat #67
Head along Walnut Way near the eastern coastline until you’re about level with Xenotime Street way off to the west. Look up to the west and you should see a large apartment block with a high balcony facing the river. There’s a pidgeon halfway down the balcony railings on the north side.

  • LURE
    Take a cab to Francis at the southern end of the island to start the mission, but before you head off to pick up the car…

Flying Rat #68
Head southeast around the pier and over the fence into the construction site. At the southwest corner of the site there are a series of shipping containers. Climb onto the lowest one then jump across and climb to the highest container. Shoot the pidgeon here.

Now get a cab to the marker to pick the Feltzer containing sniper rifle ammo for your upcoming assassination.

Drive the Feltzer to the marker then go up the stairs and onto the roof of the building on the west side of the street.

Step into the marker on the roof and watch the cut scene. Note the phone number on the phone by the TV – 545-555-0122.

Call this number to get the guy to come to the window. Don’t ask why the guy answers the phone and thinks you’re ‘Shaniqua’, she must either be mute or a stalker! Just snipe the lunatic in the head.

You may have a wanted level now, but run down to street level and you’ll lose it by completing the mission.

    A few days after your first encounter with Jeff he’ll call you asking for more help. Drive over to the marker then down into the underground parking lot.

Take Jeff’s car over to the marker, but beware of cop cars, having a dead body covered in blood in plain view on the back seats will get you a wanted level if get close too close to a cop.

When you reach the marker follow the instructions to dump the car in the river.

Flying Rat #69
Go to the barges moored by the shore just north of the corner of Grummer Road and Exeter Avenue. Use the stairs on the west side to get onto the barge then jump across to the next barge. Climb into the container and shoot the pidgeon.

    Head to the ‘?’ icon for this mission, After the initial cut scene…

Flying Rat #70
Run northeast around to the corner of Jade Street and Bismarke Avenue. Walk up to the huge Neptune water fountain on the south side of the street and you’ll find the pidgeon hiding behind the statue’s back. Watch out though, shooting it will likely give you a wanted level, so be ready to run.

Take a cab to skip the long journey across to Hove Beach.

Head to Oleg’s apartment and check his email from his laptop. Once you’ve read the one about the Tulsa Street meeting Niko will call his contact, who will instruct him to kill Oleg at the meeting point.

You need to find a fast car for the car chase coming up, so keep an eye out for a suitable vehicle on your way to the next two flying rats.

Flying Rat #71
Go northwest to the shoreline by the Broker Bridge. The pidgeon is on the pier just south of the bridge.

Flying Rat #72
Head northeast to Roman’s old cab office. Jump onto the power box by the west wall of the cab office. Use your sniper rifle to zoom in on the west end of the Broker Navy Yard arch to the north. The pidgeon is on top of the arch at this end.

Find a fast car if you haven’t already by now, then head to the marker. Oleg takes off after the cut scene, chase him across to Algonquin and around the streets until you reach the back street where the scattered pipes block your path. Back up and go around to catch up with Oleg. You should now be able to get close enough to do a driveby on the car. If your lucky you’ll get a head shot at complete the mission. If you’re less lucky you’ll kill him when his car gets so damaged it explodes. If you’re unlucky he’ll flee the car before this point, so you’ll either need to run him over or get out and shoot him.

    Head back to the ‘U’ icon. Steal a nearby cop car or call 911 if there’s none around. Lose your wanted level then access the police computer. Select ‘Search Police Records’ then ‘Search by Photo’. By the miracles of modern technology this automatically connects you to your phone and brings up the picture of the target you just received from your contact at U.L. Paper. Press your ‘A’ button to upload the image then again to locate the suspect once you have a match.

Drive to the marker then from the street in front of the targets throw a grenade into the first level area. This should take out several targets and make your job much easier. Now head up the ramp into the first level area and across to the ladder by the ‘No Manners Required’ billboard.

Climb the ladder to the second level then work your way around the area taking out the targets from behind the cover of the containers.

Your last target is Dimayev on the roof. Climb the containers to get up to him then take him out quickly before he gets a chance to hit you.

Unique Stunt Jump #5
Get back in the cop car and start your run up from the bottom of the ramp below by the parking sign. This will give you just enough speed to take you over the end of the ramp and into Dukes Boulevard.

Whilst you have a cop car you might as well take it over to Algonquin for the 10 ‘Most Wanted’ missions there. Drive across the East Borough Bridge, then once you’re back in Algonquin stop the car to access the Most Wanted list on the computer.

    1. Shon Kikuchi
    When you reach the marker he’ll take off in his car. Chase him and do drivebys until he’s dead.

2. Jimmy Kand
Park up at the marker then walk around to the north side on the apartment block and up the stairs to Jimmy’s apartment. You’ll find Jimmy asleep on the floor. Shoot him.

3. Simon Nashly
Park up at the marker then work your way around the building taking out the targets. Most of them can be taken out from the cover of the walls. There’s a first aid kit on the top floor and numerous sode machines around the complex for you to replenish your health.

4. Tommy Francovic
This is another driveby, but he’s on a bike, so if you can manage to knock him off the bike when you first approach you can shoot him much more easily, otherwise a well-aimed driveby shot as you give chase will take him down.

5. Barry Lamora
Park up at the apartment block then work your way around the building taking out targets. Barry will run from the apartment block, chase him and gun him down.

6. Lino Fridell
Three guys will runthrough the alleyway as you approach, run down as many as you can before they reach their vehicle. If any make it driveby the SUV to finish them off.

7. Juan Haimo
Three bikes will take off as you approach. Take them down.

8. Darren Covey
Park up just inside the parking lot then take out the targets from a distance. There’s a Sprunk machine by the entrance to replenish your health if needed.

9. Leo Brodell
Park up at the marker then use your sniper rifle to look up at the top of the apartment block. You should be able to snipe a few targets. After a short while a few enemies will also appear at ground level. Now go into the building through the door on the north side by the alleyway. Work your way up the stairs taking out the guys on most floors.

When you reach the roof beware of the guy waiting for you right behind the door. When this guy’s dead run for cover behind the low wall by the adjacent building. Take out the final target from here.

10. Christov Mahonvic
Park up near the entrance to the warehouse then work your way around taking out the targets. If you get low on health get in the Trashmaster and try using it to do drivebys on the remaining men.

Flying Rat #73
There’s a pidgeon to shoot at the skateboard park under the western end of Broker Bridge. It’s on the top of the ramp on the southwest end of the park. Stand on top of a vehicle to get a better view of this feathered fella and snipe it.

    Sara can be found at the northwest end of the Pier 45 complex after midday. Drive to Perseus and pay for the reserved item. Take it back to Sara. Job done.


    Take a cab or drive to Playboy X’s place. This part introduces you to the inevitable decision you must shortly make – whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy X. This part sees Playboy X ask Niko to kill Dwayne. Niko says he must think about it, so you don’t have to do anything yet. In an hour or so you’ll get a call from Dwayne asking Niko to kill Playboy X, again Niko will say he has to think about it, but you don’t need to wait for Dwayne’s call, you can carry on with the next mission.


    Head down to the U.L. Paper building and start the mission.

Take a cab to the marker, but before you walk into the marker after the cab drops you off…

Flying Rat #74
Walk around the marker, down the off ramp under the bridge towards the freeway. Just past the underneath of the bridge there’s a very narrow gully to the right of the road with the game’s most well-hidden pidgeon at the end of it.

Now get a reasonably fast car and drive into the marker.

Follow the helicopter to the helipad. It’s a long journey, but you can stay on the main road for pretty much the whole way.

When the helicopter lands park up outside the facility take out the two guards at the entrance then as many guards as you can hit along the way to the helipad before you get the message that the helicopter is about to take off again. The guys around the helpad are well covered, so you may find using your sniper rifle useful.

Make a run for the helicopter once you’ve taken a few guys out or you get the message that the helicopter is about to take off again. A few guys of the remaining guys may try to pull you out as you take off, but if you swing the helicopter around enough as you take off they’ll fall off.

Fly to the marker and land at the airport.

Flying Rat #75
Head northwest from the helipad until you get to the barriers to the airport parking lot. There’s a pidgeon on a concrete post just to the right of the barriers.

Flying Rat #76
From the barriers run north and up the stairs to the train station. Run south a little way down the track until you’re just south of of the main flight terminal. Look across to the terminal below and you’ll see a hole in the big support structure under the roof of the terminal. There’s a pidgeon in the hole. You’ll need your sniper rifle to shoot it

    By this point you should have received a call from Dwayne asking you to kill Playboy X. Some time after this you’ll also get a follow up call from an impatient Playboy X wanting you to kill Dwayne. There will now be icons on the map for both characters and you automatically start this mission.

Killing Dwayne is the much easier mission, but you’ll get nothing in return. Playboy X will just disown you.

Killing Playboy X is a harder mission, but afterwards ‘friend’ missions will open up with Dwayne, and his special ability is to provide you with a car full of gang members you can use as backup. Opening this special ability doesn’t count towards your 100% completion rating though, so you’re free to choose to kill Dwayne or Playboy X. Dwayne also gives you Playboy X’s apartment as another safehouse if you kill Playboy X.

If you’ve chosen to kill Playboy X go up to his apartment and kill the four men there. Now go across the roof and down the stairs after Playboy X. When you get to the street watch out for the gunmen shooting at you from the car. Shoot back at them and they’ll drive off. Now chase after Playboy X until he gets stuck down the nearby alleyway. Use your pistol to end the mission with a cinematic Playboy X ecution.

If you’ve decided to kill Dwayne, head to his apartment, kill his goon then find Dwayne in the kitchen. Use your pistol for the cinematic execution.

    Take a cab over to the ‘Pm’ icon to start this mission.

Take the car conveniently parked right outside Packie’s place and drive to the marker. Follow Packie into the warehouse grounds and follow the instructions to scale the warehouse and get over to the garage at the back.

Drop down to the roof to the right then down again to ground level near the boat. Take cover behind the nearby shipping container then shimmy left to take out the gang in the courtyard.

Once the courtyard is clear come out of cover and make your way towards the truck in the garage. There are a few more guys inside the garage you can either take out or you could just run for the truck. There’s a first aid kit in the back office of the garage if you’re intent on taking out everyone.

Drive the truck back to the lock up. Follow the instructions to drop grenades at the vehicles chasing you if you wish, but it’s not strictly necessary and just makes driving harder. You should be able to drive back without too much problem.

    Get a cab back over to Patrick’s place to start this mission. Find a four-door car then drive everyone to the marker. Work your way around the waste management depot grounds to the depot entrance, taking out the enemies. There’s a first aid kit on the ground near the door.

You’ll be under heavy fire as soon as you go inside the depot, so run for the cover of the nearby low wall then take out the target in the control room above then the guy on the walkway. Now work your way over to the back of the depot to take out the guys there, then head upstairs to the walkway, taking out the last two guys by the control room.

Go into the control room and pick up the bag. Another group will now turn up, but don’t bother trying to take them out, more will just keep on coming. Run for the door at the back of the depot then follow Packie and swim to the nearby getaway boat. Take the boat to the marker and it’s mission complete.

Flying Rat #77
Head north from the pier where you dock the boat and up to the graveyard at the top of the hill. Follow the path around to the west where it goes down a hill alongside the water then winds back east and turns a sharp 90 degrees north. There’s a mausoleum here with a pidgeon on the roof. You may well get a wanted level for shooting here.

    Some time after finishing ‘Dust Off’ the U.L. Paper guy will call back telling you to go and meet LJ at an old junk yard in north Algonquin to fly the chopper again. You have no choice but to do this mission now.

Take a cab over to the marker, then get in the helicopter.

Fly to the target in Middle Park then follow it as it weaves through skyscrapers and under the bridge. You can fly above the tops of buildings to avoid damaging the chopper, but try to go under the bridge, firstly for the bonus points and secondly because here LJ will start firing rockets at the enemy.

Get down to roughly the same altitude as the enemy and fly slightly to the right of it to allow LJ to get a shot at it.

After LJ hits the other chopper fly to and land in the final marker.

While you have access to the chopper use it to get to a few awkwardly situated flying rats.

Flying Rat #78
Fly northeast and land on top of the western column of Broker Bridge. Shoot the pidgeon on the railings on the north side of the column.

Flying Rat #79
Get back in the chopper and fly northwest to the MeTV building on the corner of Burlesque and Kunzite Street. It has a distinctive rooftop shaped like a star. Land on the helipad next to the other chopper. You’ll have to hit the other chopper to land, but it won’t do you too much damage.

Go down the ladder on the west side of the roof, then no north to the pidgeon on the railings on the northwest corner of the building.

Flying Rat #80
Go back to the chopper and fly to the corner of Hancock Street and San Jacinto Avanue in East Island City. Land the chopper on the roof of the

    Assuming you haven’t changed your clothes and are still in your suit from the ‘Final Interview’ mission go over to Packie’s place to start this mission.

Grab a four-door car and drive everyone over to the marker in Algonquin. After the cut scene go through the blasted doors to the vault and pick up the cash. After the next brief cut scene run for cover at the dividing wall between the two main doors. Go to the right and target the cop behind the car at the back. If he’s covered behind the car you’ll shoot directly at the car’s gas tank and the explosion will take out enough cops to take you straight on to the next area.

Follow Packie and Derrick as they run for the alleyway and take cover anywhere to the right. Take out the cops with red arrows above their heads (the others don’t count towards your progress through the mission). Once these targets are all dead Packie and Derrick will move on again to the next street, where yet more cops are waiting.

You can blow up the car in the second street like you did with the previous car by manually targetting the rear wing of the car. After this keep following Derrick and Packie through the streets, taking out the red arrow targets until the next cut scene.

Head down into the subway, but watch out for the two cops at the end of the corridor around the corner. Keep left until you get to the ticket barriers then take out the couple of cops here. Go through the barriers then take out the numerous cops on the stairs. Once this lot are cleared head down to the platform and clear the cops on the platform opposite and the ones that run down the stairs.

Follow Derrick and Packie down to the middle of the tracks and pick off yet more targets, then follow again when Derrick and Packie run off down the tunnel. Don’t hang around too long picking off extra targets by the platform or you’ll fail the mission.

Follow the marker to the service hatch and up the stairs to street level. Jump in the SUV to your right and once the other two get in drive off and lose your wanted level. Once you’ve lost the cops drive to the marker.

Flying Rat #81
Go south to the corner of Livingston and Savanna Avenue. Park by the house at the end of Savanna Avenue (it has two very red flower baskets at the bottom of its steps). Go upstairs to the roof of the house and climb up to the highest level from the southeast corner by the sloped roof. There’s a pidgeon here.

    Call Packie and arrange to go out on each of the activities available on your phone with him. By the time you’ve done this you’ll also have opened up Packie’s special ability – car bombs. You’ll be able to call Packie and arrange to pick up a car bomb which you can then place under cars and remotely detonate.

Bear in mind Packie sleeps between 6am and 3pm. Save your game to advance game time if you need to.

    A little while after dropping off Packie and Derrick after ‘Three Leaf Clover’ you’ll get a call from Gerry opening up a few more missions here. Head around the back of the house to start this mission.

Go to the marker to pick up the bomb from the alley, then drive over to the next marker. Walk behind the car to place the bomb then follow the car to its final destination, keeping a distance so as not to spook them.

When the car pulls up drive to the marker follow the instructions to detonate the bomb then kill the remaining targets. Once everyone’s dead get back in your car and lose your wanted level.

There are four flying rats on the way to the next mission.

Flying Rat #82
Head to the corner of Columbus Avenue and Lorimar Street. A little to the west is Seagull Theatre. The pidgeon is in a tree by the east side of the theatre.

Flying Rat #83
Go back to the corner of Columbus Avenue and Lorimar Street. To the east is a large church. The pidgeon is on top of the steeple on the southeastern side of the church. You’ll probably need to go down a little way down Lancet Street to be able to get a clear shot with your sniper rifle.

Flying Rat #84
Go south down Columbus Avenue for the third pidgeon on top of the glass sidewalk covering of the Viendemonte restaurant on the west side of the street between Hematite and Garnet Street.

Flying Rat #85
Continue south to the corner of Columbus Avenue and Emerald Street. The pidgeon is on the base of a column on the north side of the building on the south side of Emerald Street.

    Go northwest to the corner of Feldspar and Denver Avenue. Walk up to Jeff to start the mission. You don’t need to do anything, just watch the cut scene then pick up the cash and take the sports car if you want it. Leave the area and you’ll complete the mission.


    This first mission for Ray Boccino starts with Ray sending you a picture of the guy you need to speak to. Take a cab up to the apartment block and walk straight ahead to the guy standing by the railings on the right. Point a gun at him and he’ll reveal how to get to Teddy. When he runs gun him down, or he’ll warn Teddy you’re coming and your job will be even harder to get to him.

Go around the back of the apartment block, through the back door and take the elevator up. Take down the two guys as you step out of the elevator then carefully work your way around the corridors and up the last two floors taking out Teddy’s goons along the way. There are first aid kits in the kitchen of the apartment near the elevator and in Teddy’s place.

When you get to Teddy’s apartment there are three guys behind the door, then after you’ve checked the kitchen and come back to the previously locked door in the hallway Teddy will burst out knocking you to the floor and run to the roof.

Head back out into the hall and around to the stairwell leading to the roof. Take down the two guys on the stairs then go up to the roof. Take out the last guy on the roof then shoot Teddy for the final cut scene.

Flying Rat #86
When you get back down to street level go north to the corner of Grummer Road and Galveston Avenue. Just east of this junction there’s an alleyway. The pidgeon is on the ledge of the apartment on the west side of the alley.

Flying Rat #87
Go southwest to the corner of Ivy Drive North and Wardite Street. Look over the edge of the bridge leading down by the shore and you’ll see a large hole in the concrete. Get down to the hole via the roof to the north then take out the pidgeon on the wall to the west of the hole.

    If you spared Cherise’s life back in the ‘Ruff Rider’ mission, head east along Wardite Street to the corner of Exeter Avenue. Get a vehicle, pick up Cherise and drive over to the marker. Beat up or just shoot the boyfriend, it really doesn’t matter which as you won’t see Cherise again after this anyway.


    Head back down to Ray to start this mission. Go around the corner to the Trashmaster. Get in and follow the instructions to pick up the bags. After the second pickup you’ll be chased by a car, follow the suggested route to the drop off point to finish the mission.

Flying Rat #88
Go south past Pier 45 towards Heli Tours. Stop off for a pidgeon shoot halfway down Bus Lane on the riverside. It’s perched on a mooring behind a bench.

    Go back to Ray again to start this mission.

Flying Rat #89
Walk southwest to the corner of Emerald Street and Liberty Lane. There is a pidgeon on a tombstone behind the church.

Flying Rat #90
Head northwest to the corner of Feldspar Street and Union Drive West. A little to the southeast along Union Drive West is a green, white and red striped fence, there’s a pidgeon on the ground behind the fence.

Go across to the meeting point then after the cut scene give chase in the Banshee you steal from the poor guy rummaging in the trunk. Follow the car until it crashes then park up nearby, walk down and kill the marked targets.

Now follow the instructions to kill Luca in the restroom. Pick up the diamonds and head back upstairs.

Flying Rat #91
Go up the steps to the southwest of the restroom and shoot the pidgeon on the concrete post near the hotdog vendor.

Now go to the bridge for the meeting with Ray.

Flying Rat #92
Head north to the boathouse on the west side of the lake and climb onto the roof. There’s a pidgeon on the east side.

Flying Rat #93
Go north onto Topaz Street and through the alley between Exeter and Denver Avenue. There’s another pidgeon at the top of the stairs.

    Go back to Ray for this mission. Take a cab to the marker, but before you step into it…

Flying Rat #94
Briefly go southeast to the corner of Columbus Avenue and Obsideon Street to take out the pidgeon on the awning of the hotel.

Now head back to the marker.

After Jonny’s meeting goes bad yet again work your way downstairs to the marker, taking out the numerous targets along the way. Change your pistol to pick up the type these guys drop, it’s a combat pistol which packs much more of a punch. Don’t miss the body armour pickup on the table at the bottom of the stairs.

When you reach the marker you’ll enter a storage area. Work your way around to the exit taking out the gunmen here. When you get outside there will be yet more goons waiting for you. Take these guys out then use your sniper rifle to shoot the driver in the black car across the street, otherwise he’ll on your tail as soon as you drive away. Get in one of the black cars in front of the museum and head for the street. Another black car full of gunmen will chase you, so you’ll have to do a driveby on it to get rid of them.

Once you’ve got rid of the cars you just need to lose your wanted level to finish the mission.

    Go to the corner of Manganese Street and Denver-Exeter Avenue. Walk up to Pathos to start the mission.

Catch up with Pathos and kill the guys that shoot him. Now grab a vehicle and take him to hospital.

    Head back to Ray for this mission. Get a cab to the marker, watch the cut scene then get on the motorbike and chase the bikers. After a few blocks they will drop down onto the subway tracks. You’ll save time if you start turning around in mid-air as you jump from the bridge, as you need to do a full 180 degree turn to ride down the tracks. Shoot at the bikers in the brief moments whenever you’re not turning corners or avoiding trains. You’ll eventually take one of them down. The other one you won’t be able to hit until you get to the Algonquin Bridge. If you don’t get him here he’ll move over to the walkway then slow down briefly to descend to street level. If you don’t hit him here he’ll then go back to zigzagging through the streets. You’ll get him eventually.


    If you’ve already completed ‘No Way on the Subway’ and ‘Hostile Negotiations’ you’ll go straight into this mission. Ray calls about a guy who might know the whereabouts of the guy Niko is looking for. Niko then calls Roman for backup.

Unique Stunt Jump #6
Head onto the Algonquin-Dukes expressway approaching the Algonquin Bridge, roughly level with Mohawk Avenue below. Where the road splits just before the bridge there’s a steep median ramp. Start your run up from the median a little further east. Your front wheel will rise up heavily after hitting the steep ramp, so you’ll have to press forward to level out or face a painful landing and a failed jump.

Flying Rat #95
Turn around and get back onto the expressway. Ride over the Algonquin Bridge, but go against oncoming traffic on the southern carriageway. The pidgeon is about halfway along the bridge on the railings by the big center support beam.

Flying Rat #96
Stop on Albany Avenue about halfway between Manganese and Lorimar Street. The pidgeon is on a column at the base of the statue behind the fence on the east side of the street. Snipe the bird from the street.

Once you’ve picked up Roman head to the next marker to interrogate Talbot. After the cut scene get a four-door car (there’s one across the street), pick up Roman and Talbot then follow Talbot’s directions to Florian’s place.

Florian (AKA Bernie) calls shortly after Niko leaves opening up a new line of missions.

Flying Rat #97
Head west across the street from Bernie’s place to the memorial building. There’s a pidgeon on the west side of the building.

Flying Rat #98
Go southeast to the corner of Union Drive West and Nickel Street. Go up the stairs and around to the right up to the seating area. There’s a pidgeon in the corner of the area.

    Go back to Bernie’s place for this one. Take Bernie over to the park then follow him at a safe distance as he jogs through the park. Have a good laugh at the way Bernie runs until he gets a bat in the groin from the ‘hater’.

Chase the hater up the steps by the bridge then get on the appropriately named ‘Faggio’ scooter, a glorified hairdryer on wheels. Chase the hater through the park gunning him down with driveby fire whenever possible. It’s quite tough though as he’s constantly changing direction through the park.

Once the hater is dead go back for Bernie then drive up to the street and hail a cab for the final journey to Perseus.

    Go to Ray for this mission. If you need it make a quick trip to the nearby gunshop for some body armour before you start.

Get a cab to the marker then enter the hotel. Turn right at reception and take the elevator up to the 30th floor. When the doors open kill the guard to the right and take cover behind the wall. Work your way up the hall and to the staircase to the right.

On the 31st floor watch out for the guard coming through the door as you enter, then quickly take cover behind the sofa behind the second set of doors. Take out the several goons at the back of the room then make your way around to the kitchen on the left, taking out the goons hiding behind the kitchen doors. Kill the dealer in the kitchen then head upstairs.

On the next level up kill Isaac in the bedroom behind the doors, then go back to the stairs up to the roof terrace. Take out the guard at the top of the stairs then carefully creep up the stairs until you can target the men on the terrace to your right. Take these men out then pick up the body armour in the corner by the glass atrium.

Once the last dealer on the terrace is dead escape from the hotel via the cleaning lift. To get to it head back towards the glass atrium and take the stairs to the right down to the lower roof. Watch out for the two gunmen here. Once you’ve taken these two out go to the far end of the roof and the list is on the right. Follow the instructions to take the lift to ground level.

Once your back on street level grab a vehicle and lose your wanted level to complete the mission.

    Go to Bernie’s place then take the Turismo parked just to the south and pick up Bernie. Go to the marker then after the cut scene chase the car. Don’t bother with driveby fire, it’s tough enough keeping up with the car, but eventually it will crash and you can just get out and shoot the messengers.

Flying Rat #99
Go southeast to the corner of Union Drive West and Emerald Street. Halfway along Emerald Street there’s an alleyway on the south side. The pidgeon is on the railings next to a red and blue crate in the back of the alley.

Flying Rat #100
Head northeast to the corner of Hematite Street and Denver-Exeter Avenue. Enter the Rotterdam Tower via the door on the west side of Denver-Exeter Avenue. The pidgeon is on the north side ledge at the top of the tower. Shoot it then come back down to street level and back to the car.

Flying Rat #101
Head northwest to the corner of Frankfurt Avenue and Hell Gate. There’s an alleyway to the south just behind the Lucky Winkles bar. The pidgeon is on a concrete railing in the alleyway.

Flying Rat #102
Go north to the corner of Pyrite Street and Frankfort Avenue by Middle Park. A little further north there’s a pidgeon in a windowsill next to the main entrance of the museum on the west side of the street.

Now continue your journey back to Bernie’s place to finish the mission.

    If it’s daylight head down to Pier 45 for this mission. Bernie only appears here during daylight hours.

Take the boat to the marker then driveby shoot the enemy boat. If you don’t manage to finish it off by the time they get to shore (it’s not easy) then take the boat to shore and give chase on foot. You can then shoot them as they hide in the graveyard.

Once all targets are eliminated go back to Bernie to finish the mission.

Flying Rat #103
Get back in the boat and go to the Dukes Bay Bridge. About a two-thirds of the way down the bridge there’s a pidgeon on one of the support column platforms. You can climb up onto the platform from the boat.

    Go to the ‘Gm’ marker to start this mission. Run down the street to the motorcycle and ride to the marker, stopping for a flying rat on the way…

Flying Rat #104
Ride against traffic on the southern carriageway of the East Borough Bridge and stop halfway across. There’s a pidgeon on the walkway just west of the support beam.

Flying Rat #105
Carry on along the bridge then stop at the last overhead girder. There’s a pidgeon near the middle of this girder.

Now head on to the marker. Chase the motorcycle and driveby shoot it whenever you get a chance. This isn’t easy as it turns through the streets so frequently, but eventually you’ll nail it.