Bohan GTA 4 Missions

ALL Grand Theft Auto IV Missions from in the Bohan area:

    It’s questionable whether Manny’s quest to clean up the streets is motivated by a desire to amend for his past life as a gangster or a desire to become famous as a street evangelist. Either way it makes for entertaining watching.

Drive Manny to the marker on the map then follow the on screen instructions to tail the dealer to the warehouse. Be careful not to get too close to the dealer’s car as he stops at the many lights along the way which are often just out of your line of sight. Press the ‘B’ button to view the car if it’s around a corner.

When the dealer pulls up drive into the marker, watch the cut scene then enter the warehouse either by shooting out the door lock or smashing the window. The lock will attract less attention. Go immediately left into the office area then use the wall for cover to start taking out the eight gang members spread around the warehouse.

After the last gang member drops top your health back up at the soda machine at the back of the warehouse if you need to, then head back outside to watch Manny take the credit for your actions.

    Head back to Manny to start the mission. Take a car over to the marker and shoot the gang members on foot, then follow the car that takes off and do a driveby on it. Shoot any gang members that manage to flee from the car and your done.

You’ll get a call from Mallorie opening up a new strand of missions for Elizabeta, but in the meantime head back to Brucie’s apartment for the next mission.

    After the opening cutscene at Brucie’s apartment go to the ‘[email protected]’ internet cafe and click on the ‘’ advert. Select ‘Male’ then click on French Tom’s picture. Now click on ‘Date’. It’ll take a while before you get a response, so carry on with the next mission.


    Drive Packie to his meeting. Climb the stairs to the roof, pick up the rifle then head to the vantage point on the other side of the roof. When the meeting turns violent shoot each of the six gang members with the rifle.

When you get the message that Packie is in trouble look to the bottom left of the alley and shoot his assailant.

When you get to the last gang member he will try to make his get away in the van at the back of the ally. Aim for the van then shoot him as soon as he gets in the driver seat. Another wave of enemies will then turn up. Shoot this lot and you’re done.

Flying Rats #30-31
On the roof of the laundromat to the right of the alley are a pair of pidgeons. Snipe ’em.

    Head over to Elizabeta’s for your next assignment. Drive or take a cab to the apartment. When you get there follow Playboy X up to the third floor.

When the buyers turn out to be undercover cops shoot them.

Before you head out into the hallway take cover against the wall. There are two more cops around the corner you need to take out.

Head upstairs, taking out the cop that rushes to the top of the stairs. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs turn around and target the cop hiding behind the bookshelf. Creep left until you get a clear shot then take him out.

Head up to the fifth floor, taking out the two cops at the end of the hallway.

Follow Playboy X to the roof. There’s a health pickup by the roof entrance. There are two cops behind the vents at the far end of the first roof. Take cover behind the walls and vents to take these two out.

Follow Playboy X to the next roof, where three more cops await you. Go for cover behind the aircon unit to the right, picking up the body armour here. Take out the cops from here.

Follow Playboy X down the staircase, shooting the cop near the rooftop door along the way. You’ll now get a two-star wanted level.

Make your way down the stairs, watching out for the cop two floors down and another two floors below this.

When you get outside grab a car and take Playboy X to safety, losing your wanted level. Once cleared take Playboy X back to his place.

    Head over to Manny to start this mission. Take a vehicle to the marker then follow the train using the streets below the elevated tracks.

When your targets finally get off the train at Schottler wait in your car for them to come down to street level to the car parked by the stairs. When they get close to the car do a driveby to wipe them all out. If they make it to the car to escape fill it full of holes until it explodes.

Flying Rat #32
Go east along Cassidy Street past the Seneca Avenue junction. Halfway along the row of houses on the south side of the street is a pidgeon on the railings in front of the house. Take it out.

Flying Rat #33
Head east to the corner of Cassidy Street and Wenrohronon Avenue. The pidgeon is on the first floor fire escape on the front of the house a little to the north on Wenrohronon Avenue on the east side of the street.

    Go back to ‘[email protected]’ and check your mail. If it’s been a few hours since you requested the date you should have a mail from Tom proposing a date at the 69th Street diner at a random time. Reply positively to this mail to confirm the date. You may have a lot of time before the date, if so you could go back to doing a more missions, or just save your game at the safehouse to advance the game 6 hours. You’ll get a reminder two hours before the date and a heart icon will appear on the map showing you the location. You must get to the diner within 3 hours of the scheduled time for the date.


    Head over to the Russian clothes shop just north of where your previous safehouse was. Just north of here you should see a ‘friend’ icon.

Take Mel to settle his debts. Kill the three guys when they refuse Mel’s apology. Take Mel back home.

    Head down to the promenade on Firefly Island via the street southwest of Wappinger Avenue. We’re not sure what particular times Ilyena appears on the promenade, but we found her there around 10pm. Ilyena wants you to ‘discourage’ her daughter’s latest boyfriend from seeing her. Before you head north, there are three nearby flying rats to exterminate.

Flying Rat #34
Go south down the beach next to the pier. The pidgeon is under the pier by the shoreline.

Flying Rat #35
Head back north to the street you came in on. Jump over the fence by the bike into the old fairground. Jump on top of the kiosk near the north-west corner of the Liberty Eye ferris wheel, then jump across to the roof at the base of the wheel. Head to the eastern end of the roof and you’ll find the pidgeon behind the support beams of the wheel.

Flying Rat #36
Now head back over the fence and north to the junction. From here walk a little way along the sidewalk until you can see the highest peak of the ‘Screamer’ rollercoaster ahead of you. Pull out your sniper rifle and zoom in on the top of the rollercoaster, you should see the pidgeon on the siderail at the top. Shooting here is likely to attract a wanted level, so run back to your bike and by the time you’ve arrived at the boyfriend’s marker you should have lost the cops.

Now head north to the marker. Story-wise it really doesn’t make any difference whether you just beat up or kill the boyfriend. It’s quicker and easier to shoot him, but you risk getting a wanted level and the call you’ll get from Ilyena afterwards will be a less satisfying ticking off if you kill him.

    Step into the marker at the diner and watch the cut scene.

When you get the message about how to stand up draw a weapon then stand up at any point during the conversation and shoot Tom. If you don’t manage to kill him before he runs out the door you’ll need to chase him. Once he’s dead you’ll call Brucie and the mission is complete, but you’ll likely have a wanted level, so grab a vehicle and lose the cops.

No. 1
Grab a car or cab to get to the sports car way across town. Take the car to the starting line for Brucie’s race. Win the race. It’s not too hard to win if you take it easy on corners, don’t collide with the other cars and get as much speed up as possible on the straights. It’s tough to navigate the corners when you don’t know the route very well, but a few attempts should sort this out.

Once you’ve won the race drop Brucie back at his lockup.

Flying Rat #37
Go north from Brucie’s lockup, turn right at the bridge then head north on Chicory Street. Just before you get to the corner of Creek Street and Chicory Street there’s a pidgeon on the wall to the right before the big Storage sign.

    Brucie calls you shortly after completing ‘No. 1’, opening up 9 street races (3 on each island), which you can start from your phone by selecting ‘Race’ under Brucie’s contact details. We’ll do the first 6 now.

You’ll need a fairly fast vehicle for these races, but it doesn’t really matter too much what kind. It’s more important that you take the corners efficiently and avoid crashes at all costs. If you can weave through traffic better on a bike this might be better for you, but it’s all too easy to come off a bike and lose considerable time.

It’s always quite hard to win races on the first attempt when you don’t know the route, but since losing races decreases your ‘like’ stat with Brucie you might want to consider saving your game before each race, that way if you lose a race you can reload your previous game and preserve your stats. This will save you time later rebuilding your friendship to open Brucie’s special ability.

Airport Run
The other racers will crash on the first corner of this race, giving you an ideal opportunity to get into at least 3rd place. After this is just a case of taking it easy on corners then opening up on straights to take the lead. Be careful on the tight corners coming out of the loop around the airport onto the highway, the long 360 degree turn exit off the highway and the sharp 90 degree turn east shortly after this.

South Broker
There are lots of corners to navigate on this race, but they come in quick succession, which means you shouldn’t have to brake too hard to turn efficiently in most cases.

Dukes Boulevard
There are a couple of tough turns on this last course available this island. The second corner is particularly nasty, a 90 degree turn on a blind incline. Brake before you get to the top of the hill to avoid launching off the road into the wall ahead. The plus side of this is a lot of your competitors will slam into the wall giving you a chance to move towards the lead. The next corner is also tough, you’ll need to do a full handbrake turn to slide around into the correct road.

Now head over to Algonquin and call Brucie to start each of the three races in Algonquin. All three Algonquin races are fairly winding courses with tricky corners, but the other racers are slower and clumsier than in previous races. As long as you have a reasonably fast vehicle you should have little difficulty taking and keeping an early lead. Take it easy around the numerous corners and you should win these races quite quickly.

    Call Brucie and arrange to go out on each of the activities available on your phone with him. By the time you’ve done this you’ll also have opened up Brucie’s special ability – helicopter rides.

Bear in mind Brucie sleeps between 1 and 7am. Save your game to advance game time if you need to.

    Take a cab back to your safehouse to save your game, or directly to Elizabeta. After the cut scene at the start of the mission take a cab to skip the long trip to the old hospital.

When you reach the hospital take a brief detour along the sea wall. When you reach the ladder going down to the jetty make a note of the direction to the hospital entrance from here, because this is where you’re going to run when things get out of hand later on.

Take the opportunity to rid Colony Island of it’s Flying Rats before you get any further into the mission.

Flying Rat #38
Go north to the park between the apartment buildings. There’s a pidgeon on a merry-go-round.

Flying Rat #39
Continue north to the end of President Avenue where there’s an industrial building on the south side of the street.

Climb the fire escape to the roof of this building, then jump down to the fallen billboard bridge and go across to the building across the street. Use the stairs to reach the pidgeon on the roof.

Flying Rat #40
Head back down to ground level and go west to the cable car station at the end of the street. There’s a pidgeon up on the railings on the northwest corner of the station. Watch out for police here. If you get a wanted level run for the next pidgeon.

Flying Rat #41
Stop off about halfway down President Avenue. There’s a pidgeon on the steps to the walkway beside the river. You’re likely to get a wanted level here, so lose the cops before heading back to the hospital.

Flying Rat #42
Head back to the hospital and crouch down as you approach the two gang members by the entrance. Take out these two then the ones on the balcony inside the first room. The cooing you can here from the entrance is Colony Island’s last pidgeon, perched high up in the window above and to the left of the entrance on the top floor. You can take it out with your pistol if you back up enough from the entrance to get a shot at it.

Now work your way through the rooms and along the long corridor. There’s an explosives barrel in the middle of the corridor at the end. Shoot this to take out a couple of gang members, then use the cover of the doorways to take out targets behind the doors ahead of you. Watch out for enemies shooting at you from the balcony above you as you move from room to room. There’s a health pack to your left in the room with the electricity generator should you need it. Inside the room around the corner from the end of the long corridor there are two gang members guarding the coke. Take these two out then collect the body armour on the floor before you grab the bag.

After the cut scene the cops show up and you’ll have a three-star wanted level. There’s little point trying to kill the numerous cops as you head back through the hospital to the entrance, they will keep coming no matter how many you take down, you will only waste a lot of time, ammo and raise your wanted level further. A better strategy is to run for your life. Sprint full speed north down the central corridor to the entrance, then east over to the gap in the fence, down the ladder to the jetty and into the speed boat that has conveniently turned up for you. As long as you picked up the body armour by the coke you should make it through the barrage of fire if you keep running.

Take the boat south and lose your wanted level. Keep an eye on the map and swerve to avoid any oncoming cop boats.

Flying Rat #43
Head to the docks on the southern tip of Algonquin. There are three large bulkheads on the coastline that you can see from the map, pull your boat up against the westernmost bulkhead on its eastern side underneath the open area. Jump on top of the boat and climb up the wall to the open area. There’s a pidgeon on the floor in here.

Unique Stunt Jump #1
Get back in the boat and go northeast under the Broker Bridge, keeping close to the western support column, then keep left of the three barges in a row. Just past the last barge there’s a ramp in the water. Jump this ramp.

Unique Stunt Jump #2
Continue northwest under Leaper’s Bridge and Algonquin Bridge and past the first two pairs of barges. A little further on there are three barges alongside each other.

There’s another ramp to jump between the two barges on the right that converge together.

Flying Rat #44
Stop the boat by the pair of barges just north of your landing point from the previous jump. There’s a pidgeon on the southern end of the northernmost barge, on top of a cabin.

Now take the boat to the landing directly south of the marker.

Flying Rat #45
Head northwest towards the unfinished road bridge curving west. There’s a pidgeon on the concrete wall by the stairs just before the path goes under the bridge.

Head north onto the road and grab any vehicle for the short drive to LJ. We don’t want to give away the surprise ending here, but after this you’ll understand why the character with LJ has been asking so many questions.

    Your missions with Manny and Elizabeta come to an end at this point. Drive the car containing the bodies to the marker. Drive carefully and pay the bridge toll to avoid a wanted level and this mission is a breeze. Get a wanted level and it becomes a real pain.

Flying Rat #46
Head west towards into alleyway behind the houses south of the Steinway bar. There are six lanes parallel to each other on the map leading into the main north-south alleyway, the pidgeon is on the back fence near the middle lane.