Dukes / Broker GTA 4 Missions

List of all mission available at Dukes/Broker:

    Follow the on-screen instructions to drive to Roman’s place, which will be your first safehouse where you can save your game between missions.

After the long cut scene you can either save your game now, or head straight out for the next mission.

Note the hotdog vendor across the street from your safehouse. Buying any food or drink from vendors repleneshes your health, which is particularly helpful if you get low on health from any of the missions.

    Head outside and steal a car to drive to Roman’s cab office, shown on the map as the ‘R’. Drive into the marker to start the mission.

Drive Roman to the hardware store and follow the on screen instructions. Once Roman gets back in the car ignore the initial GPS route on your map and quickly drive straight ahead and turn right then immediately right again. Now follow the route on the map back to the cab office. As long as you immediately go straight ahead the loan sharks’ car will have to turn around to follow you, giving you time to get a comfortable lead.

Once you get back to the cab office you will complete this mission and open up the first set of random character missions. These various ‘friends’ appear at specific places on the map as blue icons. Some of them only appear at certain times, which makes them tricky to complete, but with a few exceptions, as explained later, they must all be completed for the full 100% completion rating.

    Brian’s first appearance is just south of Roman’s cab office, but he only seems to appear here from about midday until the early hours of the morning. If you arrive you at Roman’s cab office and you don’t see Brian’s ‘friend’ icon on the map, come back later after the next mission, or save your game at your safehouse to advance game time six hours then come back.

Once you find Brian all you need to do is walk up to him and watch the cut scene to complete this mission.

Once you complete this mission make a note of the time and day, because Brian won’t appear at his next location for a little over two game time days.

Wait for Roman’s text message if you’ve not had it already, then go straight into the next main mission.

    Drive to the subway station, pick up the girls and drop them off at Michelle’s place. Michelle will agree to go out on a date with you, but you need to go to the clothes store to buy some clothes to impress her first. Choose anything you like from the store, the first item is free and Michelle is easily impressed, strange for such a smart, pretty girl…

If you haven’t already called Michelle by this point she’ll call you very shortly to arrange the first date.

On your way to Michelle’s house you’ll get an urgent call from Roman. You can ignore him if you want, but you’ll save time if you go save him before heading back to Michelle’s.

Drive to the spot on the map and follow the instructions.

Once you get to the sugar factory make sure you follow the instructions to disarm Dardan, it’s much quicker and safer this way and it’s hugely satisfying to watch Dardan fall to his death out of the window into the water after you’ve stabbed him with his own knife.

Take Roman back to the cab office to finish the mission. Look out for Brian if you haven’t already met him here.

Now head back to Michelle’s place for your date. You’ll agree to go to the carnival on Firefly Island, but end up going bowling. Strangely she’ll want you to drive her car.

At the bowling alley follow the on-screen instructions to bowl. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose this game.

Drive Michelle back home after the game and you’ll complete the mission.

Michelle will periodically call you to ask for further dates. Whilst any heterosexual guy will think this is a good idea (and it will get Niko into Michelle’s bed), from the point of view of the 100% completion rating it’s not worth wasting time on. Since the ‘Hot Coffee’ outrage in GTA San Andreas (google it for the background story) sleeping with GTA girlfriends in GTA IV is nowhere near as exciting.

    Head back to Roman for this mission. Pick up Jermaine and take him to his lock up, but make sure to reverse in so you can make a quick getaway when the cops show up. Keep an eye on the map to make sure you keep away from the cars as you head out of the flashing ‘wanted zone’. Once you’ve left the zone the cops will have lost sight of you. It’s usually best to stop at this point and wait a few more seconds to finally lose your wanted level. It can be quite frustrating to get to the edge of the wanted zone only to find another cop turns up. The best way to ensure you outrun your two-star wanted level is to get onto the expressway on the southeast side of Dukes and build up enough speed to outrun the cops.

Once you’ve lost your wanted level take Jermaine to the Pay ‘n’ Spray and you’re done.

The Pay ‘n’ Spray isn’t as useful as it was in previous GTA games. Now the Pay ‘n’ Spray will only clear your wanted level if the cops don’t see you enter and time is advanced three hours when you use it. This means it’s now relatively useless at losing your wanted level, but it’s still useful for repairing your vehicle and quite handy for killing time for things like random character missions where the mission is only available at certain times of day.

    Head back to Roman again to start this mission. Pick up Little Jacob and take him to the destination on the map.

You might find turning on subtitles in the display options helps you to understand Little Jacob, we can’t understand a word he says! Respect to Niko though, English isn’t his native language and he understands LJ perfectly!

LJ is arguably the most useful character in the game and here he provides you with your first gun. Follow the on-screen instructions to take out the enemy at the shootout. Once you’ve cleared the area make sure to pick up the ammo left lying around. They are highlighted with a red glow.

Drive LJ back to the cafe to finish the mission.

Flying Rat #1
Now that you have a gun it’s time to start picking off the 200 ‘flying rats’ which count towards your 100% completion. Scattered around the map are 200 pidgeons. You need to shoot them all. Much as we love pidgeons, it never gets boring watching them explode in a cloud of feathers as you shoot them!

Head north-east on the highway from where you drop LJ off and pull in to the Burger Shot. Just south is an area where the pavement is under construction. The pidgeon is by a slab of concrete propped up against the wall of the highway. You can usually spot pidgeons by the red glow around them.

LJ and Vlad will call soon to offer you more work. Go to LJ first as it’s nearer.

    Drive LJ to the marker then go into the alley to the next marker.

When the three stooges run out of the back of the building run them down. You’ll most likely need to reverse up at least once to finish all three. Once they’re all dead jump out and collect the dropped ammo, then get back in the car and collect LJ.

Lose any wanted level you might have gained at this point then move on to the next marker.

Jump out and follow the instructions to take out the enemies inside the house. Once all are dead here collect the ammo and first aid kit then drop LJ off at the cafe.

Flying Rat #2
Head west along Sundance Street until you reach the railway bridge. Get out by the Jerk ‘n’ Gizzada restaurant and shoot the pidgeon on the steps between the restaurant and the bridge.

    Head over to Vlad at Comrades Bar, opposite your safehouse.

Just follow the instructions for this straightforward mission. If you hail the taxi at the beginning of the mission as instructed you’ll save a lot of time by using the skip to destination option. This costs a little extra, but don’t underestimate the value of this feature, the amount of time it will save you throughout the course of the whole game will equate to days of real time.

Note you can also hijack a cab that already contains a passenger in the same way you get in an empty cab after you’ve hailed it. Strangely neither the cops nor cab drivers seem to mind this.

    By now you’ll probably have had a call from Roman about doing cab jobs. These don’t count towards the 100% completion and you really don’t need the cash with all the paid missions coming up. We don’t suggest doing these missions unless you want to learn the map layout a little better.

You’ll also get a call from Roman about going out socially. This is more important for a number of reasons.

Special Abilities
Going out on social activities improves your ‘like’ stat with your friends, of which you’ll have four or five over the course of the game (Roman, Little Jacob, Brucie Kibbutz, Packie McCreary and Dwayne if you kill Playboy X). Once you get a friend’s ‘like’ stat over a certain percentage (60% in the case of Roman, LJ and Dwayne, 70% for Brucie and 75% for Packie) you will open up the character’s special ability.

Opening up LJ’s, Brucie’s and Packie’s special abilities counts towards your 100% completion rating. Roman and Dwayne’s special abilities don’t count towards 100% completion, but they are useful to have.

Roman will allow you to call a cab to take you to any location for free, which is a useful money and time saver with the ‘skip to destination’ feature available in all cabs.

Little Jacob
LJ will come out to you with a trunk full of weapons. This is possibly the most useful of all the special abilities, as not only are the weapons much cheaper than getting them from the gun stores, having LJ bring them to you saves time as well. If you’re unlucky enough to get busted by the police you’ll lose all your weapons, so LJ comes in particularly useful when this happens.

Brucie can take you to a few destinations around the map on his helicopter. While this is a useful and scenic way to quickly traverse the map, it doesn’t compare to the speed and flexibility of cab rides.

Packie can provide you with car bombs. This is useful for a few main missions and a fun distraction for a while, but has little benefit otherwise.

Dwayne provides you with a car full of gang members who will follow you and attack enemies.

Once you’ve opened up a character’s special ability don’t waste time going on any more activities with them. It sounds mean, but it’s very time consuming to keep socialising with everyone, and whilst keeping special abilities available is useful, none of them are essential to the game, so it’s far quicker to just decline all requests to go out with the character once you’ve opened up their special ability. You’ll lose a couple of percentage points on your ‘like’ stat each time you decline and eventually they’ll stop providing their special ability, but it will save you a lot of time.

You also need to do (or in some cases, win) each type of activity available for each character (apart from Roman and Dwayne) at least once to count towards your 100% completion rating. Some are harder than others…

You need to beat your opponent (friend or computer). You can also aim to score 180 in three darts and hit a bullseye for other achievement stats, but these aren’t essential to your 100% completion stats.

Winning at darts is fairly easy as although the ‘hand’ jiggles around a bit it’s not too hard to hit any part of the board. Follow the instructions for the rules of the game. To score 180 hit the treble twenty spot three times in a row. Land a dart in the central ring to hit a bullseye.

You need to win a game. Fortunately winning at pool is easy because you’re always lined up with the perfect shot to pot the balls. Follow the instructions to hit the ball but don’t change the initially given angle. Hit everything at a medium speed and you’ll usually win.

Beat your opponent.

Eating activities can be useful if you’re low on health, otherwise it may pay to decline them once you’ve done it at least once with the character. Brucie doesn’t like fast food. LJ and Dwayne’s favourite is Cluckin Bell, Roman’s is Burger Shot. Packie will eat anything.

Getting drunk with friends, whilst amusing the first time you do it, quickly becomes very irritating because your driving and walking abilities are seriously impaired when you’re drunk. You’ll get a one-star wanted level if you drive whilst drunk, so you’re better off trying to hail a cab instead. Even this can be difficult when you can’t walk straight.

Seeing a Show
Simple. Drive to the venue, walk to the marker, watch the show. Shame they’re all pretty rubbish, particulary the Perestroika Club’s acts.

Strip Club
Another simple one. Drive to a strip club, put you weapons away before you go in, walk around and ogle. You can pay for a private dance if you wish by approaching any of the ladies walking around, but it’s not necessary as part of the activity. You can leave as soon as your friend sits down if you want to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Brucie is the only character with a helicopter, so make sure you go on a heliride with him at least once.

Boat Ride
Brucie is also the only character with a speedboat, so make sure you go on a boatride with him at least once.

    Head to Vlad for this mission. Don’t drive too fast when chasing the van, it’s much better to take the numerous turns carefully and keep up with the van than to go all out trying to ram the van as hard as possible but then slamming into walls or missing turns and losing the van and the mission as a result.


    Go see Vlad again. Run to the subway around the corner and take the train to the north.

Flying Rat #3
Once you arrive at the station run across the tracks to the other platform and look to the right. Shoot the pidgeon in the eaves of the platform covering. Now run back to the other platform and down the steps to the street. If you were unlucky enough to get a wanted level from firing your gun then grab a vehicle and lose the cops, otherwise take another detour along the next road north of the station exit.

Flying Rat #4
Head north to the top end of Brandon Avenue where it bends west. You should see a ramp next to the road pointing north-west (this is actually a unique stunt jump ramp, but we’ll come back for this later). Shoot the pidgeon under the ramp.

Flying Rat #5
Assuming you haven’t got a wanted level go west along Brandon Avenue along the grass verge by the road. Just before the corner of Tinconderoga Avenue you should hear the cooing of another pidgeon. It’s partly hidden on a boulder under a tree.

Flying Rat #6
Head south along Tinconderoga Avenue then east along Morris Street. On the corner of Morris Street and Yorktown Avenue there’s a large tree on the west side of Yorktown with a pidgeon in it.

Now go get the Blista for Vlad. Take it to the car wash then to the lock up.

    Another Vlad mission. Your going to need a fairly fast car for a car chase, so fortunately the Blista is parked outside the bar. The chase is a lot easier if you ignore the suggested GPS route and keep going north to the next road west to approach the cab office from the north-east.

Follow the on-screen instructions until Ivan hangs from the roof. Choose to pull him back up, it will open more opportunites for you later on.

Flying Rat #7
Once you’ve spoken to Vlad head back over the roof to the west, down the staircase then drop down into the courtyard below to the north. There is a pidgeon on top of the recessed doorway halfway down the block of apartments on the east side of the courtyard.

    Go to the cab office then take a car and Roman over to Comrades Bar. Park facing north, it’ll save a lot of time when you come back out.

Don’t bother fighting Vlad’s goons, just go straight after Vlad. Run back to your car and follow Vlad before his goons get a chance to catch you.

Eventually Vlad will crash his car and run through the docks. Park up by the gap in the fence, catch up with Vlad then follow the instructions to execute him.

    If you don’t call Roman as suggested once you complete ‘Uncle Vlad’ he’ll soon call you anyway. Head down to pick Roman out of the trash. You’ll now get taken to Mikhail Faustin’s mansion and a new set of mission open up to you.

As soon as you leave the mansion you’ll hear the cop cruiser you need approaching. Head north and get in the cruiser once the lone cop leaves it unattended. Drive to the end of Ketchum Street to the east for a quick pidgeon shoot.

Flying Rat #8
Walk south across the grass from the east end of Ketchum Street to the back porch of the house on the corner. The pidgeon is on the porch railings by the northeast corner of the house.

Get back in the cop cruiser and go interrogate the van drivers. The first van you pull over will never contain the TVs, but you may well get lucky and find them in the second van. Once you’ve found them quickly take the van to the lock up. You may have to lose a one-star wanted level first though.

Flying Rat #9
There’s an alleyway west of the lock up leading to a car park. Follow the alleyway north until you reach a swimming pool. On the southern end of the swimming pool is a diving board. Climb over the fence and up to the top of the diving board. Shoot the pidgeon on the railings (You may well get a wanted level to lose for this) then jump off the diving board into the pool and make your escape to the road to the south.

    If you’re following this guide in the suggested order Michelle will call you for another date around this point in the game. She only calls during daylight hours though, so if it’s still night time skip to the next mission and wait for her call (or save your game to advance time). You can also call Michelle to arrange a date, but only during daylight hours. Waking her up at night isn’t going to get you anything.

Michelle is one of two ‘main storyline’ girlfriends in the game. There are also three other girls you can date via the ‘LoveMeet’ dating website, which you can access from the various internet cafes around the map, but these three are not necessary and you won’t even hear about them unless you look them up on the website. In fact, none of the girlfriends are necessary for your 100% completion rating other than the very first date with Michelle, which was a main storyline mission anyway. If you want to complete the game in the fastest time possible decline all requests for dates. Dating is a fun distraction though, so here’s how it works…

1. Turn up in a car they like.
2. Turn up in at least one item of clothing you didn’t wear on your last date.
3. Take them to a venue they enjoy.
4. Don’t drive like a maniac.
5. If everything goes well on your date try your luck when you drop them off and you be invited in for ‘Hot Coffee’.

In Michelle’s case she’s not particularly fussy about your car or clothes, but she prefers venues involving games, so pool, bowling or darts are all good choices, particularly as you need to practice them for your 100% completion tasks anyway. Once you’ve done these tasks however, you could also pick eating venues as a second best. Avoid the bars though, it’s just too much hassle being drunk.

    If you’re following this guide in order it’s probably been at least 48 hours since your last encounter with Brian, so he should now appear between 8pm and 2am south-west of your safehouse, on the corner of Iroquois and Delaware Avenue. If you’re a little early you could take out the nearby pidgeon as described below, otherwise proceed to take Brian to his drug deal and then back to his home.

Make a note of the time and day when you drop Brian off, his final appearance won’t be for another week of game time.

Flying Rat #10
This pidgeon is just south across the street from where you pick up Brian in the second encounter. Go to the west end of the boardwalk and look at the westernmost post of the ‘Welcome to Firefly Island’ archway sign by the roadside.

    This Faustin mission starts with a cut scene explaning a little about Mikhail and Dimitri’s relationship. Once this is over take Dimitri to Hove Beach and follow the instructions to intimidate the shop owner into paying Faustin a cut of his new business.

Drive Dimitri to the gun store. Go inside and buy the Micro SMG machine gun as instructed, it’s on the right as you go in, about halfway down the store.

Leave the gun store and drive Dimitri back to the mansion.

Flying Rat #11
Head north from Faustin’s mansion to the Firefly Projects, roughly halfway between Cody Street and the Expressway to the east and a little southeast of Cokanuk Avenue. The pidgeon is on the railings beside the most southeastern building on the projects, just southwest of the railway line where the tracks go underground.

    This next Little Jacob mission introduces you to Badman, LJ’s ‘boss’. Badman is even harder to understand than LJ, even Niko can’t understand a word he says.

Drive to the marker on the map, or take a cab (it’s a long drive), then follow the dealer to his suppliers in the apartment block down the street. Keep your distance from the dealer or you will spook him, but if this happens it’s not the end of the mission, you’ll just lose the element of surprise when you get to the suppliers’ apartment.

When you get to the suppliers’ apartment crouch at the door then bust in and shoot everyone. If you spooked the dealer you’ll need to shoot out the lock first and they’ll be ready for you when you enter. Using manual aim might help you pick off the final enemy hiding behind the doorway.

Flying Rats #12-13
Head back down to street level and back through the alleyway you came from and over the fence. Wallkill Avenue, the street leading north to your west contains a pair of pidgeons you need to ‘cleanse’. Halfway up the street is a wrecked shell of a building. The first pidgeon is at roughly shoulder level by a pillar, but if you shoot it from the street you’ll probably get a wanted level, so go into the grounds and shoot it from the relative safety of the sheltered ruins. The other pidgeon is on top of the pillar.

    After completing ‘Shadow’ you open up 10 drug delivery missions for LJ. Like Roman’s cab missions these can be triggered via your phone, but unlike Roman’s cab missions these ones count towards your 100% completion rating. They are triggered in random order, but each location is always the same procedure as described below.

Bear in mind the flying rat numbers here may not match the number you see on screen because they are triggered in random order.

Festival Towers Meadows Park
Pick up the car containing the package and follow the route on the map to the drug deal. Stop off just before you reach the marker park up by the abandoned circus big top for a flying rat.

Flying Rat #14
Go in through the circus big top doors then walk over to the other doors on the southwestern end. The pidgeon’s on the floor inside this doorway.

Now go back to the car and reverse up close to the marker, get out and walk into the marker. When the cops show up run back to the car and speed north, then follow the road east out of the park. Get onto the expressway to lose your wanted level.

Meadow Hills
Pick up the car and drive to the marker. Once you step into the marker four enemies will turn up. Run for cover behind the wall and back out to the street, where you can pick each target off in relative safety.

Flying Rat #15
Head east along Carollton Road then turn north into Cleves Avenue. A little to the north on the east side of the street there’s a green awning over the entrance to the building. The pidgeon is on top of the door crest behind the awning.

Get the car to the meet point within 30 minutes, which is quite tough. Ignore the initial GPS route and turn left then left again at the start of the race, which should buy you a few precious seconds over the normal route.

Flying Rat #16
Shoot the pidgeon under the bridge.

You have 50 minutes to make it to this deal. As before go left and left again at the start of the race, contrary to the GPS route to save yourself a few seconds.

If you can see Badman’s friend icon on the map whilst you’re here go over to do this random character mission next after picking off the following three flying rats…

Flying Rats #17-19
Head north over the road, down the grass bank, over the next road and over to the entrance to the Gantry Park car lot. There are two pidgeons here, one on the ground by the tree and the other just next to it on the wall. Now head west along the wall until you reach a children’s play frame, there’s another pidgeon on top of this.

Take the car to the meet then lose the cops.

East Island City Tunnel
You have 45 minutes to get to the meet. When you get to the final bend in the road turn right off the road, over the bridge and drop down onto the walkway below. Now reverse up into the tunnel and to the marker.

Flying Rat #20
Once you’ve made the deal shoot the nearby pidgeon in the tunnel.

Cerveza Heights
Drive to the car park then reverse up close to the marker.

Once you’ve dropped the package off at the marker a rival gang will turn up. Run back into the car and run over a gang member as you head for the exit. Stop once you’re out into the road then crouch down and head back to pick off the rest of the gang.

Flying Rat #21
Go west from the car park into the alleyway across the street. Just before you come back out into the next street there’s a basketball court to your left. Shoot the pidgeon on the post.

Outlook Park
Drive to the park then get out and walk into the marker. When the rival gang turns up run to a safe distance then turn back and carefully pick off each gang member.

Flying Rat #22
There’s a pidgeon on the railings of a gazebo to the southeast in the park.

Meadows Park
Drive to the drop off point then get out and walk into the marker. When the rival gang turns up jump over the wall to your right for cover then work your way around the block taking out each gang member.

Flying Rat #23
Head southeast to Meadow Park for a flying rat. Go over to the statue on the grass just north of the big globe in the pond at the southern end of the park. The pidgeon is on the plaque at the base of the statue.

Beechwood City
You have 25 minutes to get to the drop a short distance to the northeast. Don’t follow the GPS route, turn left from the start and onto the highway then onto your final destination. Note there’s a first aid pick up inside the garage here.

When you completed the ‘Shadow’ mission you also opened up the next Random Character mission with Badman.

Head over to Morris Street off Dukes Boulevard, where you’ll find the Pills Pharm store facing Dukes Boulevard. Badman will be sitting on the bench outside the store from early afternoon to the early hours of the morning. Walk up to Badman to start the mission.

Niko does an admirable job of pretending he understands everything Badman says by responding to the few words he can make out, which is about as much as we can manage as well.

Drive Badman to the Russians in the alleyway. Use the cover of the walls to take out each gang member. As the last few members pop out from their cover come out of yours to return fire. The last gang member will make a run for it, chase after him and gun him down to complete the mission.

    You now need to develop your friendship with Little Jacob. Once you get his ‘like’ stat over 75% you’ll be able to call on him to provide you with most of the ammunition you could buy from the gun stores at much cheaper rates.

LJ’s preferred activity is eating at Cluckin’ Bell, but you must also go play darts, pool, see a show and go to a strip club with him in order to count towards your 100% completion stats.

Bear in mind LJ sleeps from 4am to 1pm and you need to wait a few hours between visits. You could save your game between visits so you can go straight into the next activity ,or if you want to get the ‘All main main missions completed in under 30 hours’ achievement, wait before calling for the next activity. Make a note somewhere on what activities you’ve already done, it’s easy to forget if you’re doing other things between activities.

    Go to Faustin at the ‘F’ icon over in the Perestroika Club.

Take a car or taxi on the long trip to the station. If you’re driving be sure to stop at the tolls to pay before going over the bridge, otherwise you’ll get a wanted level.

When you get to the station run up the stairs and onto the platform. Shoot Lenny’s friend, wait for the train to pass then run across the tracks to chase after Lenny. If you’re quick enough you’ll catch him before he reaches the street, otherwise grab a car and do a drive-by shooting on his car as he flees the scene.

    Go to Roman’s cab office for an introduction to Brucie, then go over to the ‘[email protected]’ internet cafe to learn how to get online.

When you leave the cafe you’ll call Roman to tell him you’ve set up your email. This opens up the next set of side missions for Brucie, ‘Exotic Exports’. You’ll shortly receive another call from Roman explaining that Brucie has sent you an email regarding these jobs. Go back into [email protected] to check your mail.

    There are ten vehicles Brucie wants you to steal for him. These come in random order and in random locations, but at each location there is a set procedure for stealing the vehicle. Every mission is started by going to [email protected] and replying to Brucie’s email, whereupon the blue location marker will show on the map. Go to the location, steal the vehicle and get it back to Brucie’s lock up to complete the mission. You’ll get paid after each drop off depending on the level of damage to the vehicle, so don’t smash it up too much. Once your done head back to [email protected] to check your mail for the next mission.

South Slopes
The vehicle on the map here is driving around the area, so hijack the vehicle as it stops at lights or in traffic, or just pull in front of it to block its path. If the cops see you take the vehicle you’ll need to lose your wanted level before taking it back to the lock up.

Outlook Park
The vehicle is parked here and unattended as the owner has been pulled over by the cops. Unfortunately this means as soon as you steal the vehicle you’ll have a two-star wanted level and a cop car right on your tail. Lose the cops then head back to the lock up.

Beachwood City
The vehicle here is parked by the carwash and is being cleaned. Ignore the cleaners and just grab the car and drive back to the lockup.

Meadow Hills
The vehicle is parked, but alarmed, so you’ll get a two-star wanted level as soon as you steal it. Lose the heat then go back to the lockup.

Cerveza Heights
This one will drive off as you approach. Follow and wait for an opportunity to hijack the vehicle, or carefully shoot the driver.

    The vehicle here is guarded, so take out the guards before grabbing the vehicle. The area is fairly secluded, so you shouldn’t get any police attention.

This vehicle is also guarded, so take these guards out before grabbing the vehicle. There a good chance you’ll get a wanted level here, so lose the cops before taking the vehicle back.

This vehicle is guarded by two guys with submachine guns, so make sure to take them out quickly before taking the vehicle.

Meadows Park
This one’s being driven around the park. Follow it and wait for an opportunity to hijack it, or shoot the driver.

Chase Point
This one’s parked up while the driver chats to a hooker. Shoot the driver, take his vehicle to Brucie’s lockup.

    If you’re following this guide in the suggested order it’s probably been at least a week of game time since your last encounter with Brian, so you should be able to find him on the corner of Dillon Street and Montauk Avenue, north of the Soldiers Plaza monument by the north-east corner of Outlook Park. We found him here shortly after 3am, but we’ve also heard reports of him being here at 8am and midnight, so we’re not altogether sure what the pattern of appearances is.

Drive Brian to make amends with his former dealers, shoot the dealers after they hit Brian, then take Brian home.

    Go down to Faustin’s mansion to start this mission. After the cut scene head over to Firefly Island to find Faustin’s daughter. After the cut scene here get on the motorbike and chase after the boyfriend. If possible try to kill him with a driveby before he gets to his gang. If he does you’ll have to take out all of them ending up in a showdown in Meadows Park.

Flying Rat #24
Drive east along Tudor Street until you pass the building on the borders of the park on your left. There is a pidgeon on top of a pump house just off the north-east corner of this building.

    Head back to Faustin’s mansion again for this one. Go to the marker to pick up the truck then drive carefully to the garage. Make sure you stop to pay the bridge toll. Once you’re at the garage follow the instructions to trigger the bomb then watch the cool cut scene as the truck explodes.

Flying Rat #25
Just before you cross back over the bridge take a detour for another pidgeon. It’s in a pipe on a construction site just west of the bridge. Drive off-road to the right as the road begins to rise up to the bridge. Stop the car as the ground drops away into the construction site then run the short distance to the pipe ahead of you.

    Meet Dimitri at Firefly Island to start this mission. Head up to the marker at the Perestroika Club. Read the text from Dimitri then pick up the body armour on the corner. Make sure you have your best gun drawn then head into the club.

After the first cut scene shoot the two bodyguards then pick your shots at Mikhail whenever he pops up from cover behind the bar. Once you’ve hit him a few times he’ll make a run for it through the back exit, follow him, but be ready for two more guards right outside the door, then more in the alleyway outside. Once these are dead head up the stairs onto the roof. When you finally get to Mikhail finish his incessant ranting and shoot him.

Flying Rat #26
There’s a pidgeon that thinks it’s safe on top of the marquee in front of the club. Prove it wrong. You can get to it by continuing over the rooftops. There’s also a pistol a little further on too. Once you get to the roof above the marquee jump down to get a clear shot. You can then jump down to the street from here.

    A little while after you’ve driven away from the Perestroika Club you’ll get a message about calling Dimitri. Call him to start this next mission. Dimitri has your money for killing Mikhail and wants you to come alone to a warehouse to pick it up. Never trust anyone who says ‘come alone’! Fortunately Little Jacob calls you to back you up.

Drive to the warehouse and walk into the marker. The cut scene reveals Dimitri has not only double-crossed you but has also involved another of your enemies from back home!

After the cut scene ends you will automatically be behind cover. Work your way around the warehouse taking out the goons. Don’t take too long though, if Little Jacob dies you’ll fail the mission.

There are useful molotov, health pack, grenades and body armour pickups you can collect, plus some more tips about gunfight strategies you can use.

Once you’ve killed most goons Dimitri and Bulgarin will escape and the cops will show up giving you a two-star wanted level. Head to the front gate and take out the cop by the first car then get in the car, wait for LJ to get in then speed off. Drive south out of the navy yard then east towards the expressway to lose your wanted level, then take LJ back to the cafe.

Once LJ is safely back home you’ll get a message about calling Roman. Don’t call him yet or you will go straight into a mission that will destroy your Hove Beach safehouse and you may still find it useful for a couple more missions. A little while later Roman will call you, don’t pick up, just reject the call. If you pick up also you go straight into the mission that loses you the Hove Beach safehouse. He will then keep calling you whenever you’re not on a mission, just keep rejecting his calls until you’ve done the next few missions.

    Head to Brucie’s lock up to start this mission. You need to steal a cop car. If you went straight here from ‘Russian Revolution’ you’ll already have a cop cruiser right outside, otherwise the nearest one is just north of your safehouse. If you’re caught jacking the car speed off until you lose your wanted level.

When all is clear stop the car then follow the instructions to use the car’s computer. Select ‘Search Police Records’ then type in ‘Lyle Rivas’ then select ‘ENTER’. Now you can find Lyle’s whereabouts and mark his location.

Exit the computer system and follow the route to Lyle’s apartment. Walk into the building and into the marker. Lyle will escape and run to his car. Sprint back to your cruiser and chase Lyle’s car. Try to take out Lyle quickly with a driveby shot to the head if you can, or just shoot his car enough to make it stop so you run him over as he flees or give chase on foot.

    As you have a cop cruiser it makes sense to do the ‘Vigilante’ missions now. You need to complete 20 missions to contribute to your 100% complete status, but you don’t need to do all 20 in a row, each mission completed counts towards your 20. Access the cruiser’s computer then select ‘View Current Crimes’. The list is randomly generated and you can do ‘suspect on foot’, ‘gang activity’ or ‘car stolen’ type missions.

‘Suspect on foot’ missions are the easiest as there’s only one enemy to deal with. These missions also provide you with extra cash and ammo from the fallen suspect. Some of the ammo might not even be available from the gun stores yet, like the sniper rifle, which is particularly useful for some of the trickier ‘flying rat’ locations.

‘Gang activity’ missions are a little harder as there are several targets to deal with. You won’t get any cash from the fallen gang members, but the ammo is still there to collect.

‘Car stolen’ missions will wreck your cruiser very quickly, so you may want to avoid these mission types. There are plenty of driveby missions later on.

    The cop cruiser gives you access to the ‘Most Wanted’ list from it’s computer. You need to complete 10 of these missions on each of the main islands to count towards your 100% complete status. You can steal cop cruisers from either the cop shop just north of your safehouse or the one between Sundance and Hickcock Street just east of the memorial arch by Outlook Park. These cruisers are frequently unguarded. If your cruiser starts pouring out black smoke at any point you can either go back to a cop shop for another, or try calling for backup then take the cruiser that turns up. If you fail any mission move on to the next one, as you won’t be able to access the previous mission for a while, or until you’ve at least attempted another mission.

1. Maxwell Caughlin
Maxwell’s car will pull away as you approach, so you must do a driveby on the car until he bails out then run over or shoot Maxwell and his partner. The car is quite fast, so try to shoot out his tyres to slow him down. Don’t forget to pick up the cash left on the ground at the end.

2. Scott Guzowski
You’ll need to wipe out several gang members on this one. Once you get to the marker you can get out of the cruiser then head down to the targets. Picking up a cruiser gives you some shotgun ammo, which will help take out a few targets quicker. Use cover behind walls to help preserve your health.

3. Antonio Rivette
You’re at a disadvantage on this one as your targets are at the top of the stairs shooting down at you. Go up the stairs carefully and try to pick off the first three targets without giving them a clear shot at you. If you can just see their heads over the top of the stairs you can take shots at them in relative safety. your last target, Antonio, is waiting for you on the station platform next to a small brick building. Run for cover behind this building then you can take him out quite easily.

4. Rogrigo Stavnes
As you approach four men will start running. Try to run them over before they reach the first corner where they separate and all run off in different directions. Do drivebys or run down the remaining men, as chasing on foot takes ages.

5. Fernando Tisdel
You need to do a driveby on the car and take it down quickly, because all four passengers will be shooting at you and will wreck your car quite quickly if you don’t take out their car fast enough.

6. Tyler Pickrel
Easy one, just run him over.

7. Preston Pecinovsky
Use your shotgun to take out as many targets as you can as quickly as possible. Try to take them all down before they can get to their cars, otherwise you’ll need to take out the cars.

8. Alonso Goralski
Driveby shoot the car as it flees when you approach then run down or shoot the driver when he bails, then go back and shoot the other target crouched behind the fence by the cargo containers.

9. Bert Reker
Work your way around the outside of the junkyard picking off the targets at the front, then go through the gates and up to the back of the junkyard. Take cover behind the wall to take out the last few targets.

10. Freddy Paparo
Driveby shoot the car. Continue shooting at the car as they bail out until the car explodes and kills them all.

    Head down to Brucie’s apartment, but before you start the mission…

Flying Rat #27
There’s a pidgeon on the first floor fire escape in the alleyway right next to Brucie’s apartment.

Brucie wants Lyle’s car. Follow the route to it then drive it back to the lock up as quickly as possible before the three cars on your tail have time to completely destroy the car. It is possible to make it back without doing any driveby shooting, but you need to be quick, so if you have problems you may find shooting back at the cars helps.

Flying Rat #28
Opposite Brucie’s lockup is the ‘Woodfellas’ lumber yard. The pidgeon is perched on top of one of the air conditioning units on the west side of the building.

    Call Roman and go meet up with him. He’ll ask you to drop by the apartment and then the cab office, which you find are both on fire in response to your last encounter with Dimitri. Now that Roman has lost everything you must take him to your new safehouse in South Bohan. It’s a long journey, so you might want to consider getting a cab.

There’s now a new set of missions open to you, but before you head to the ‘M’ icon go get a nearby flying rat.

Flying Rat #29
Head east along Rocket Street until the road turns north. To your west there’s a building next to a pair of semi-trailers. The pidgeon is on the railings by the entrance to the building.